AMPC Content Area Teams

AALL is continuing its efforts to design and deliver the education that members need right now to tackle workplace challenges, do their jobs better, and raise the profile of the profession. For the Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) will solicit "must-have" program topics to be included in the call for proposals. (See our FAQ for more details.)

AMPC members comprise the following content area teams, which represent the domains of AALL's Body of Knowledge. Each of AALL's special interest sections (SISs) has an AMPC liaison, also noted below.

  • Professionalism + Leadership at Every Level

    Committing to lifelong learning and professional accountability that cultivates communication and collaboration and fosters immediate and long-term goals.

    Clanitra Stewart Nejdl (team leader, RIPS-SIS liaison)
    Miriam D. Childs (BLL-SIS liaison)
    Tania Danielson
    Karin Johnsrud
    Jane Larrington (SR-SIS liaison)
    Emily Mayers-Twist
    Patricia Petroccione

  • Research + Analysis

    Expertise in harnessing, interpreting, and leveraging legal knowledge and data to create a competitive edge that solves real-world problems and satisfies stakeholders.

    Jonathan N. Chagat (team leader)
    Andrea M. Alexander
    Beth DiFelice
    Virginia Adele Neisler
    Shawn G. Nevers
    Julia E. Stahl
    Amy Weiner

  • Information Management

    Ensuring and facilitating timely access to relevant legal information fosters sound legal arguments and wise legal decisions while mitigating loss and risk.

    Amanda Tyre Watson (team leader)
    Kimberly Cogswell Mattioli (ALL-SIS liaison)
    Sara McMahon
    Shanna Pritchett (LISP-SIS liaison)
    Amy Small
    Jocelyn D. Stilwell-Tong
    Elizabeth Wozobski

  • Teaching + Training

    Developing, delivering, and assessing learning opportunities that prepare students, lawyers, and others for workplace excellence.

    Alyson Drake (team leader, PEGA-SIS liaison)
    Bailey S. Eagin (PLLIP-SIS liaison)
    Deborah Ginsberg
    Elizabeth E. Hilkin (LHRB-SIS liaison)
    Aaron Parsons
    Laura E. Ray
    Rena K. Seidler (GD-SIS liaison)

  • Marketing + Outreach

    Illustrating value through effective communications, creating value through services, and building value through strategic partnerships.

    Amanda Runyon (team leader)
    Trezlen Drake (FCIL-SIS liaison)
    Edna Lewis
    Malinda Muller (GLL-SIS liaison)
    Matthew Neely
    Kris Turner (LIT-SIS liaison)

  • Management + Business Acumen

    Aligning organizational strategic goals with departmental goals, managing resources, and evaluating progress.

    Alina Kelly (team leader)
    Carol Bredemeyer
    Cynthia Brown
    Joanne Kiley
    Michele Knapp
    Jennifer Mart-Rice (TS-SIS liaison)
    Caroline Nevin