AMPC Content Area Teams

AALL is continuing its efforts to design and deliver the education that members need right now to tackle workplace challenges, do their jobs better, and raise the profile of the profession. For the 2018 Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee solicited "must-have" program topics to be included in the Call for Proposals.

  • Information Management

    collection development; organization & access; preservation & retention; knowledge management; information governance & risk management

    Carol Ottolenghi (team leader)
    Kincaid C. Brown (CS-SIS liaison)
    Dana Deseck-Piazzon (OBS-SIS liaison)
    Iris Garcia (TS-SIS liaison)
    Jacqueline K. Magagnosc
    Kelly A. McGlynn
    Abigail Walters (PEGA-SIS liaison)

  • Management & Business Acumen

    vision & strategic planning; budgeting & procurement; funding & development; benchmarking & data analysis; human resources; project management; facilities management

    Marcia Burris (team leader)
    Cameron Gowan
    Sheri H. Lewis
    Caren Z. Luckie
    Lawrence R. Meyer (GD-SIS liaison)
    Rebecca S. Trammell
    Jennifer Wondracek (chapters & committees liaison)

  • Marketing & Outreach

    promotion of value; user experience; partnerships & community relationships; advocacy

    Karen Selden (team leader)
    Shari Berkowitz Duff
    Rachel Jorgensen
    Elizabeth Powell-Whyte
    Alison Rosenberg
    Joy Shoemaker (FCIL-SIS liaison)
    Sabrina Sondhi (LHRB-SIS liaison)

  • Professionalism & Leadership at Every Level

    communication; decision making; strategic problem solving; collaboration & team building; ethics; continuous learning & professional development

    Kathleen Brown (team leader)
    Pauline S. Afuso (LISP-SIS liaison)
    Sharon Bradley (DET-SIS liaison)
    Matthew E. Braun
    Ronda Fisch
    Deborah Ginsberg
    Jill T. Sonnesyn
    Karen E. Westwood (SR-SIS liaison)

  • Research & Analysis

    knowledge of law & legal systems; knowledge & navigation of information sources; critical evaluation & synthesis of information; ethical use of information

    Saskia Mehlhorn (team leader)
    Stephanie Crawford
    Emily Janoski-Haehlen
    Alina Kelly
    Caren Z. Luckie
    John B. Nann (ALL-SIS liaison)
    Cornell H. Winston (GLL-SIS liaison)

  • Teaching & Training

    instructional design & planning; presentation & delivery; assessment & metrics

    Sarah E. Morris (team leader)
    Laura Ax-Fultz
    Kathy Carlson
    Dennis C. Kim-Prieto (RIPS-SIS liaison)
    Julie Graves Krishnaswami
    Rena K. Stoeber
    Patrick M. Sullivan (PLLIP-SIS liaison)