AALL eBriefing / AALL Calls on Trump Administration to End Separation of Families at the U.S. Border

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) today issued the following statement from its president, Greg Lambert, calling on the Trump Administration to immediately reverse its policy regarding the separation of children from their migrant parents seeking refugee or asylum status in the United States:

“As an organization dedicated to ensuring access to justice for all, the American Association of Law Libraries is outraged by the Trump Administration’s horrific policy of separating infants and children from their parents. Funneling these children into an Orwellian system of internment camps is unconscionable,” said Lambert. “There is no due process or opportunity for these parents to appeal the Department of Justice’s decision to tear their families apart. In several reported cases, these children have become lost in the DOJ’s forced relocation system. We have not seen a policy like this in our country since people of Japanese descent, including American citizens, were forced into internment camps during World War II. However, even then, the government recognized the need to keep families together,” said Lambert.

“The majority of these asylum seekers are fleeing unimaginable violence in their native countries. I recognize U.S. law must be respected. And there is a process in place to address these asylum seekers that is not only humane and consistent with America’s long-time values of equal justice for all, but is also a more economically sound method than the creation of vast children’s  camps spread across our southern border,” said Lambert.

While serving the law library community, a core tenet of AALL’s mission is to help ensure the public has timely access to legal information to make the soundest legal arguments and decisions. This includes providing access to those seeking information that might aid in addressing their legal status or asylum requests while in the United States.

“This administration continues to take actions regarding immigrants and asylum seekers that go well beyond long-standing legal precedent and limit access to justice for those most in need of guidance and representation. AALL is committed to issues of diversity, community and collaboration. We are, as a legal organization, repulsed by this policy of separating families at the border. This practice is antithetical to AALL’s mission and sense of justice, and we call on the entire legal community to highlight this gross human rights violation and demand immediate change.”




AALL eBriefing / AALLNET Migrating to a New Platform


AALLNET has been undergoing a planned migration to an improved content management system, WordPress, which will be completed next week. Throughout the process, our priority was to create an improved user experience.

The new platform supports the user experience with:

  • a modernized interface
  • more intuitive navigation
  • improved search functionality
  • a new knowledge center
  • consistent SIS navigation

Beta testing of the site is wrapping up, and an announcement will go out to all members once the migration is complete and AALLNET goes live. That announcement will include information highlighting some of the changes and new features included in the migration.

We look forward to the launch of AALLNET and its new platform, and the improved experience it will bring to members, stakeholders, and the public.

AALL eBriefing / Statement On Net Neutrality Re: Law Libraries & Access To Justice

December 14, 2017

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) denounces today’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to repeal U.S. net neutrality rules.

Today’s action undermines a fundamental principle of our democracy, and that is equal access by the public to government information. This action allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block users, slow access, and charge more for certain content. In short, ISPs are now able to determine what information the public can access, what it cannot, and at what cost.

Without net neutrality, law libraries, whose crucial mission relies on the ability to provide users with equitable access to up-to-date online legal information, may not be able to pay the fees for preferred access. These users are not just attorneys but researchers, self-represented litigants, students and small business owners. Without net neutrality, ISPs will have the ability to stifle innovation and suppress free expression.

Net neutrality provides all Internet users with equal access to lawful content on the web, regardless of an ISP’s opinion of the material. AALL strongly urges Congress to act to reverse today’s ill-considered decision by the FCC.

Greg Lambert
President of AALL
Chief Knowledge Services Officer, Jackson Walker

AALL eBriefing / 2018-2019 AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee


The AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) needs your talents and skills to help make the 2019 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Washington, DC, a success. The AMPC is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, selecting, and guiding/curating the programs that our members need and want. Please volunteer to help shape programming for AALL’s premier educational event.

The structure of the AMPC provides more opportunities for members to volunteer. The two types of AMPC volunteers are Team Leaders and Content Team Members. A description of how the groups work together is available on the committee profile.

Content Team Members provide expertise in six content areas:

  1. Professionalism & Leadership at Every Level
  2. Research & Analysis
  3. Information Management
  4. Teaching & Training
  5. Marketing & Outreach
  6. Management & Business Acumen

The AMPC will determine “must-have” programs within these content areas, and, in many cases, the focus for the topic (e.g., the basics, best practices, trends, or related technology).

Serving on the AMPC is a valuable experience that will help you develop leadership and program planning skills while working collaboratively with new colleagues. Interested? Please submit your application by Friday, November 10. You can make a difference!


Femi Cadmus
AALL Vice President

AALL eBriefing / Share Your 2018 Predictions With AALL


With a new year nearly upon us, we want to know your plans and predictions for 2018. Please share your insights and expertise to help guide our media relations initiatives, program planning, and content development.

What do you expect 2018 to bring for legal information? Some examples of what we’re looking for include:

  • What changes will you see in the way your work is defined in 2018?
  • What do you expect to change—in terms of your role, technology, staffing, etc.?
  • What technology will have the biggest influence on the profession in 2018 and why?
  • What are the top issues members will focus on in 2018 that may not have been top of mind in 2017?
  • What are the major challenges facing legal information in 2018?

Send your thoughts and ideas to media@aall.org. We’ll curate your submissions and develop your insights for possible story placement in the legal press, and for program development.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please respond with your 2018 predictions by Friday, November 17.

Thank you,

Greg Lambert

AALL eBriefing / AALL Executive Board Election Results


I am pleased to announce the results of the 2017 AALL Executive Board Election. This year, 1179 AALL members (29.67%) cast ballots and elected the following:

(JULY 2018- JULY 2019)

Michelle Cosby
Associate Director
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN

(July 2018- July 2021)

June Hsiao Liebert
Firmwide Director of Library &
Research Services
Sidley Austin LLP
Los Angeles, CA
Karen Selden
Metadata Services Librarian
University of Colorado Law Library
Boulder, CO

Congratulations to our successful candidates and thank you to all who ran for office. It is this commitment and dedication that makes the profession, and especially AALL, a strong and vibrant community.


Luis Acosta
AALL Secretary

AALL eBriefing


AALL eBriefings are periodic electronic publications sent to the entire membership that include important, timely announcements and information important to the Association.

AALL eBriefing / AALL Responds to Trump Administration’s Plan to Terminate Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals (DACA)


Today, the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) issued a press release regarding the administration’s recent action regarding Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals (DACA)–the text of the release is provided below. If you would like to contact your members of Congress you can use the AALL Action Center to voice your support for DACA.You must first log in to AALLNET to access the Action Center.


AALL today released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s plan to terminate the Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This program protected an estimated 800,000 undocumented people who were brought to the United States as children.

“We ask Congress to act quickly to establish protection for those, who through no fault of their own, were brought here as children. They deserve to have legal status in this country, which has been their only home,” said AALL President Greg Lambert.

These “Dreamers” are actively pursuing the American dream and are working to advance themselves through education, training, and service. Many are enrolled in this nation’s law and library schools. As an Association, we support their right to pursue the American dream without fear of deportation.

Our public law libraries are open to all, and AALL’s core values require that all individuals have access to justice and due process under the law regardless of immigration status. “The fear and uncertainty expressed by law students, law library patrons, and our employees, is palpable,” Lambert stated. “They deserve protection under the law, and to be valued for the contributions they have made to our nation.”

AALL remains committed to its core values, and its service to the public in making the law accessible to all.


Greg Lambert

AALL eBriefing / Executive Board Candidates Forums


The AALL Executive Board election is quickly approaching, and two candidates forums are scheduled in advance of the election. Learn more about the candidates before voting opens on Friday, September 29. Members are encouraged to participate in the moderated forums by submitting questions in advance by Monday, September 11. To submit a question in advance, email it to candidatesforum@aall.org.

Members will also have the opportunity to ask a question during the forums via live chat. Holly Riccio, chair of the Nominations Committee, will serve as moderator for the forums.


September 18, 2017
12:00 p.m. (CDT)
Register Now

Candidates for Executive Board

  • June Hsiao Liebert
  • Liz Reppe
  • Karen Selden
  • Christine Sellers

September 25, 2017
12:00 p.m. (CDT)
Register Now

Candidates for President-Elect

  • Michelle Cosby
  • Carol A. Watson


  • Each candidate will make an opening statement.
  • Each question will be posed to each candidate.
  • Questions submitted in advance will be shared with the candidates.
  • Forums will be recorded and available on AALLNET.


  • Members are limited to one question each and will not be identified.
  • Questions should be related to AALL, law librarianship, and a candidate’s work experience.
  • Questions can be submitted via live chat during the forum.


Read the Q&A with candidates from the July/August issue of AALL Spectrum and the candidate biographies and statements on AALLNET.

AALL eBriefing / Hurricane Harvey: Supporting Members and Relief Efforts


Hurricane Harvey has brought devastation to the residents of Texas. Rescue operations are still underway, flood waters are not expected to peak until Wednesday or Thursday, and FEMA estimates that 30,000 need temporary shelter.

As many of you know, my family and I live in Houston. At this point, we have been lucky and have made it through without any flooding or damages. For our members affected by the hurricane, our thoughts are with you and your families during this tragedy. We hope that you are safe and have shelter and food. It is a daunting time for Texans and will be for some time. If there is anything that AALL can do, please reach out to us at 312.205.8022 or via email. I am contacting the leadership of the Houston Area Law Libraries (HALL) to identify any specific needs on the local level.

To our members outside of Texas, FEMA has asked all Americans to assist in this disaster through donations or search and rescue efforts; below are some recommendations on how to help and information from the New York Times today.

  • Donations to the Red Cross for those affected by Harvey can be made online or by texting HARVEY to 90999.
  • Donations to the Salvation Army can be made online [or by texting STORM to 51555].
  • Donations to Catholic Charities can be made online or by texting CCUSADISASTER to 71777.

Additional resources

From ABC13Houston:

  • Donations to the United Way can be made by texting UWFLOOD to 41444.
  • Before you donate to a charity, make sure you know where your aid is going. The Center for International Disaster Information recommends checking with a charity monitoring organization like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or the Better Business Bureau before donating.
From Forbes.com

The devastation in Texas is unprecedented and my heart goes out to all those affected. And again to our colleagues in Texas, be safe and let AALL know if we can offer assistance in the days and weeks ahead.


Greg Lambert