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  • How I Found Over 175,000 Downloads on Bepress for My Faculty June 20, 2019
    The impact maps provided by Bepress Author Dashboards as part of the institutional repository and SelectedWorks system are not completely capturing data associated with our faculty throughout the Digital Commons network. Our faculty have works stored in external (non-TAMU operated)…Read more ›
  • Proposed CS-SIS Bylaws Changes June 19, 2019
    Last fall, our Executive Board queried membership on its support of having a CS-SIS virtual business meeting prior to the annual conference beginning in 2020.  Over 90% of our voting membership said yes.  We will vote on the following bylaws changes,…Read more ›
  • ABA TECHSHOW Call for Proposals June 18, 2019
    If you have a suggestion for a topic you (and others) would like to hear, or if you are interested in being a presenter, consider submitting a proposal for ABA TECHSHOW 2020. Proposals should be submitted here. Proposals will be accepted until…Read more ›