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  • Blockchain – Varietals and Weeds October 12, 2018
    A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to present at the WESTPAC annual meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, on separating the reality from the hype when it came to blockchain technology.  Blockchain is somewhat ubiquitous in the news, and I…Read more ›
  • 25 CS-SIS membership grants offered to CONELL participants October 8, 2018
    It’s often hard to prioritize the special interest sections that cover all interests, and at $20 a section, the fees add up.  The Computing Services SIS would like to make it a bit easier to join sections by sponsoring 25…Read more ›
  • Where the Dead Information Goes September 11, 2018
    Guest post by David Whelan; originally published on David’s own blog.  When you weed – deselect – from a collection, you are focused on a particular audience. No-one can keep everything. I was looking for an album to stream over…Read more ›