Blog Committee


Mari Cheney (Chair)
Artie Berns
Rachel Evans
Aaron Retteen


The CS-SIS Blog Committee is charged with providing CS-SIS members with timely and useful information through an official yet informal medium about relevant subjects for the membership, including the activities of the members, committees, and Executive Board.

The committee is to be chaired by the Blog Editor, initially selected by the CS Executive Board.

The Blog Editor:

  • recruits CS members interested in writing for the blog,
  • prepares a schedule for postings with a minimum of one posting per month,
  • provides potential ideas for blog posts,
  • provides feedback and approval of postings,
  • selects the next Blog Editor,
  • reports briefly on the committee’s activities at the CS-SIS business meeting,
  • submits a written report to the CS-SIS Chair detailing the committee’s activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year; sends a copy of the report to the Secretary/Treasurer,
  • and writes and/or updates documentation to pass on to the following Committee chair.

The members of the committee, or bloggers:

  • contribute postings to the blog regularly, according to a set schedule,
  • provide potential ideas for blog posts,
  • and provide feedback and suggestions to the Blog Editor on issues as they arise.

Guest Bloggers:

  • At the discretion of the Editor, guest bloggers may submit articles for the CS-SIS blog.