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The DET-SIS has a rich history, and we are proud of our historical achievements. Virtually from its inception, the AALL has been interested in technical developments that affect librarianship.  Committees were assigned to monitor and report to the Executive Board and membership about developments and applications of audio and visual technology to the study and practice of law. In the late 1930s, the duties of the Committee on Scientific Aids to Learning included oversight of the Committee on the Microfilm Survey. In the late 1950s, the Committee on the Application of Mechanical and Scientific Devices to Legal Literature included the Audio-Visual Materials Subcommittee and Microfacsimiles Subcommittee. In 1976/1977, the Audio-Visual Committee included a Microform Subcommittee. In June 1979, the Executive Board approved the change from the Audio-Visual Committee to the Micrographics/Audiovisual Special Interest Section. At the turn of the century, as digitization and audiovisual technology evolved and microforms became a legacy platform, MAV-SIS members recognized the need to evolve our SIS too. In April 2016, the Executive Board approved the name change to the Digitization & Educational Technology Special Interest Section.

Past Annual Meeting Programs

Programs are listed under more than one heading when applicable.

Presentation using AV materials

  • Effective Educational Technology Products for VARK Learning Styles (2017)
  • Creating Interactive Videos to Enhance Instruction (2016)
  • Web Accessibility Will Be the Law:  Are You Prepared? (2015)
  • Demonstrative Evidence, Courtroom Technology, and Trial Practice (2014)
  • Using Creative Commons Licenses (2012)
  • Streaming Video and Libraries Roundtable (2011)
  • What You Need To Know About Using DVD Clips In The Classroom: Now You Can (2011)
  • Documenting the Law: Video Instruction and Documentaries in Legal Education (2010)
  • Rome: the Power of Film to Teach Foundations of Roman and Civil Law (2007)
  • Harry Potter and the Law (2007)
  • Deadwood: The Power of Film to Teach Foundations in Native American Treaty Law and U.S. Territorial Law (2005)
  • Values, Video and Vignettes: Using Video Oral History Techniques to Document the Unwritten Histories of AALL (2005)
  • Effective Visualization of Information for Teaching and Communication (2003)
  • Distance Learning: Educational Design and Applications (2000)
  • I Know You Can’t Read This Slide…: Basic Principles For Effective Visual Aids (1997)
  • Videoconferencing And Distance Learning In Law Libraries — Pragmatics And Potential (1997)
  • A to V: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Audio And Video (1987)

Preservation of AV materials

  • Managing a Legacy Collection:  What Do I Do With All These Microforms?  (2016)
  • Law Library Collections Post-Microform: Future Implications for the Newest Legacy Format (2012)
  • Digitizing Legal History (2012)
  • Old into New: Collaborative Law Library Digital Collections (2011)
  • Electronic Court Records: Strategies for Balancing Personal Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know (2009)
  • Mandatory Digital TV and the Evolution of Library DVD Collections (2008)
  • Preservation of Digital Information: Global Trends (2006)
  • Electronic Book Readers: Law Libraries Need A New Role (2000)
  • Microform Digitization And Imaging (1996)
  • Micrographics In The Computer Environment (1995)
  • Media Center Development: Planning Law Library Media Centers In New And Existing Facilities (1993)
  • Media Longevity: Preservation Methods For Audio, Video and Microform Materials (1992)
  • Audio And Video Cassettes — What To Buy, When To Buy: The Collection Development/Selection Issue (1991)
  • Micrographics Vs. CD-ROM Optical Discs: A Debate (1991)
  • A Mixed Bag — The Cataloging And Management Of Mixed Media (1989)
  • Protect Or Perish: The Preservation Of Non-Print Materials (1988)
  • Interactive Videodisc As An Instructional Medium: Its Use And Potential (1988)
  • The Future Of Microforms In The Optical Disk Environment (1987)

Production using AV materials

  • Creating Interactive Videos to Enhance Instruction (2016)
  • Demonstrative Evidence, Courtroom Technology, and Trial Practice (2014)
  • Manage Your Role in the Institutional Project and Communicate Your Library’s Value to the Institution:  Seven Principles for Success (2013)
  • Can the National Broadband Program create a better and faster Internet? (2011)
  • Changing Channels: How New FCC Regulations for Wireless Microphones and Wireless Broadband Affect (Almost) Everyone (2010)
  • So You Want to Make a Movie: Simple Steps for Creating Videos for Web Distribution and Vodcasting (2009)
  • Broadcasting Ethics At The Crossroads (1999)
  • In-House Video Production For Law Libraries (1989)

Past Chairs

  • Randall T. Peterson 1979/80
  • H. Lynn Wishart 1980/81
  • James R. Fox 1981/82
  • Bethany J. Ochal 1982/83
  • Nina Cascio 1983/84
  • Naomi Ronen 1984/85
  • Win-Shin S. Chiang 1985/86
  • Michael Klepper 1986/87
  • Gary Bravy 1987/88
  • Kay L. Andrus 1988/89
  • Randall T. Peterson 1989/90
  • Carol Meyer 1990/91
  • Merle J. Slyhoff 1991/92
  • Terrence E. McCormack 1992/93
  • Michael Klepper 1993/94
  • John W. Pedini 1994/95
  • Andrew Laurence 1995/96
  • Laura Ray 1996/97
  • John W. Pedini 1997-99
  • Laura Ray 1999/00
  • Troy C. Johnson 2000-02
  • Joel Fishman 2002-04
  • Troy C. Johnson 2004-06
  • Janice Selberg 2006-08
  • Glen McBeth 2008-10
  • Ryan Overdorf 2010-12
  • Laura Ray 2012-13
  • Wei Fang 2013-14
  • Joel Fishman 2014-15
  • Michael T. Klepper 2015-16
  • Laura Ray, 2016-17
  • Patricia Sayre-McCoy, 2017-18