AALL eBriefing / 2017-2018 AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee


The 2017-2018 Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) needs your talents and skills to help make the 2018 AALL Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, a success. The AMPC is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, selecting, and guiding/curating the programs that our members need and want. Please volunteer to help plan AALL’s premier educational event.

The structure of the AMPC provides more opportunities for members to volunteer. The two types of AMPC volunteers are AMPC Team Leaders and AMPC Content Team Members. A description of how the groups work together on the AMPC is available on the committee profile.

Content Team Members provide additional expertise in the six general content areas that have been identified:

  1. Data and Content Management
  2. Marketing, Communications, and Advocacy
  3. Leadership, Administration, and Career Development
  4. Research
  5. Teaching and Training
  6. The Business of Law

The general content areas will be fleshed out by the AMPC to determine “must-have” programs that cover an appropriate level of expertise for the topic (e.g., the basics, best practices, the future, or technology related to the topic area).

Serving on the AMPC is a valuable experience that will help you develop leadership and program planning skills while working collaboratively with new colleagues. Interested? Please submit your application by Monday, December 5. You can make a difference!


Gregory R. Lambert
AALL Vice President