AALL eBriefing / AALL State of the Profession Snapshot/Preorder

A complimentary snapshot of the AALL State of the Profession 2019 report is now available. It provides a preview of the full report, which can be preordered on AALLNET.

The report provides detailed information on a wide range of topics: user services, skills and competencies, budgets, operations, partnerships, marketing, and technology. It is a valuable tool for benchmarking, advocacy, organizational planning, professional expertise, and personal development.

This release represents the culmination of the AALL State of the Profession Advisory Group’s efforts in creating surveys to address the nuances of each library type—as well as the input received from the legal information professional community.


Preorders may now be placed on AALLNET. Reports are scheduled to ship March 29.

Pricing is $199 for AALL Members and $299 for nonmembers.

Please contact Megan Mall, director of content strategy, with any questions.