AALL eBriefing / AALL’s New Partnership Aims to Preserve Historical Records

In order to preserve the history of AALL and promote the understanding of its role in the development of law librarianship, an agreement was signed in 1980 establishing the AALL Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Archives collects, arranges, and describes AALL records that represent the history of AALL and its members. While some materials have been digitized under this agreement with the University of Illinois and Hein Company, significant portions of historical records remain in print form and obsolete media formats.

In 2018, as AALL President, I established an Archives Review Special Taskforce co-chaired by AALL members, Thomas Mills, Notre Dame Law School and Michael Widener, Yale Law School, to examine the current state of the archives. One of the recommendations flowing from the report of the special committee was to proceed with a digitization of materials at the no-cost option offered by the well-regarded and established LLMC Digital. LLMC is a nonprofit consortium of law libraries whose expertise and mission focuses on the digitization and preservation of legal content.

The collaboration with LLMC Digital will ensure that the association’s historical records are preserved and digitized on an open access platform, greatly enhancing discoverability and access for our members and other researchers. Further details for members and chapters will be forthcoming. We are very excited about this partnership.

Femi Cadmus
AALL President