AALL eBriefing / Branding Initiative

Tagline Survey and Discussion Boards

Now that the vote on the name has been held, we will remain as the American Association of Law Libraries, and move on with our next step in the branding project, which is tagline development. We want to include your insights, so we developed a five-question survey to gather member perspectives about what our tagline should communicate. The tagline, like other aspects of branding, should express what we want our reputation to be with all of our stakeholders.

The goal of a tagline is to quickly and clearly communicate to everyone what we do and the value we offer. With that in mind, your suggestions for positive and compelling words and phrases that communicate value are important to the success of this project.

The survey will be open March 2 through March 15 and the results will be used to help develop our tagline. Your thoughtful consideration and participation will help shape the future of the Association and the profession as we better communicate who we are and what we do.

Begin the Survey

We welcome you to share your stories about how you, or another librarian, has demonstrated value on the “AALL Branding Initiative” My Communities discussion (please use “Story:” at the beginning of the subject line). Stories help illustrate the benefits of law librarians clearly and concisely and will be incorporated into our messaging. We also encourage you to use this new e-community for any comments you may have. The “Association for Legal Information” My Communities discussion has been closed and archived.

Join the Discussion

Learn more at www.aallnet.org/rebrand.


Keith Ann Stiverson
AALL President