AALL eBriefing / Launch of the New AALLNET


This afternoon we are completing the planned migration of AALLNET to an improved content management system. As a result of the update, you may experience minor interruptions on AALLNET and on My Communities as the transition takes place.

We invite you to visit AALLNET and its new and improved user experience. The new platform supports the user experience with:

  • a modernized interface
  • more intuitive navigation
  • improved search functionality
  • a new knowledge center
  • consistent SIS navigation

As you navigate AALLNET, we’d like to make note of a few important changes:

    1. Reset Your AALLNET Password: On the old platform, as well as the new platform, member passwords are encrypted for security purposes and cannot be easily retrieved. In order to log into AALLNET for the first time on the new platform, you will need to create a new password (your email address is your username). If you have any issues creating a password or logging in, please contact Membership Services.
    2. 24-hour Login Session Timeout: With an increase in data breaches this day and age, AALL is no longer offering the option to save your login information for 14 days. In an effort to keep your personal information secure, logins will automatically expire after 24 hours.
    3. Consistent SIS Navigation: All special interest sections (SIS) now follow the same main navigation structure. This will allow users to navigate from one SIS to another without having to adjust to different navigation structures. SIS content has been organized underneath one of the five main navigation headings below:
      -UsNews & Events
      -Resources & Publications
      -Education & Training
      -Awards & Grants
    4. Old Links/Bookmarks May No Longer Work: In the process of creating more intuitive navigation, existing AALL content was reorganized, which may result in broken links and bookmarks.

We are excited with the launch of AALLNET and its new platform, and the improved experience it will bring to members, stakeholders, and the public. We are committed to providing the best experience possible so please visit AALLNET and feel free to share your feedback with us.