Body of Knowledge [BoK]


WE’RE LEADERS IN LEGAL INFORMATION. The AALL Body of Knowledge (BoK)—designed to serve as a blueprint for career development—defines the domains, competencies, and skills today’s legal information professionals need for success.

DOMAINS: core content areas of expertise

COMPETENCIES: key knowledge areas required for proficiency in each domain

SKILLS: actions demonstrating the required knowledge and experience to appropriately practice the competency

WE STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME. As the profession evolves, so must the BoK. The BoK is future-focused and sets the stage for continued development; regular reviews and updates will maintain the BoK’s relevance as shifts in the profession and industry occur.


WE’RE YOUR ADVANTAGE. Legal information professionals look to AALL for tools, timely and relevant resources, and authoritative strategies to help them excel as legal information experts. The BoK assists legal information professionals in identifying strengths and opportunities.

SPECIAL INTERESTS, SKILL GAPS? To assist members in acquiring the knowledge and expertise set forth in the BoK, all AALL professional development content—including AALL Annual Meeting & Conference programs, publications, webinars, and resources—identifies applicable domains.


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