CI Foundations



Competitive intelligence (CI) is quickly becoming one of the must-have skill sets at many organizations. Be the person who defines, gathers, analyzes, and distributes intelligence about products, clients, and competitors at your organization. The 2021 Virtual Competitive Intelligence Foundations (CI) course, took place November 9-10, 2021, is designed to prepare professionals to establish a CI function in their organization, and to create processes and learn effective analysis frameworks to maintain it.

Attendees will also learn practical tips and tricks for implementing and leveraging a competitive analysis competitor program within their organization for better marketing, account management, and other firm processes and strategic initiatives. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other professionals, engage in live Q&A discussions, and receive CI templates to help get started in implementing a CI function in their own organization.


  • CI is about anticipating surprises and forecasting for the future
  • CI involves getting information on business rivals and markets for the purpose of developing actionable recommendations
  • CI can deliver powerful client/customer insights
  • CI practitioners use public—but not necessarily published—information
  • CI is the synthesis, analysis, and presentation of these insights and findings


  • Gain key CI concepts and methodology
  • Learn how CI can be applied to the legal marketplace and distinguish between
  • CI reports for business and those used in your organization
  • Convert research information into analysis
  • Understand what analytical techniques can best communicate the information
    to your audience
  • Be able to establish, organize, and implement a CI function at your organization
  • Discuss ways to align your CI practice with your organization’s goals
  • Identify the types of analysis that support your organization’s opportunities and growth
  • Integrate CI into strategic practice and goals


  • Competitive Intelligence Applied to the Legal Marketplace
  • Competitive Intelligence Concepts and Methodology
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis Process and Framework: Leveraging CI Information for Action
  • Establishing, Organizing, and Implementing a Competitive Intelligence Function
  • Integrating Competitive Intelligence into Strategic Practice and Goals


Law librarians and legal information professionals in any library types seeking to learn how to build a competitive intelligence strategy at their organization; upon completion of the program, attendees will have concrete tools and steps for practicing and advocating for CI at their institutions


“AALL’s CI Program was a fantastic way to both learn the fundamentals of competitive intelligence research and learn new practical ways to deliver CI services and improve our program. It was also a great opportunity to connect with other legal CI professionals and learn from their experiences. I left the program with valuable, practical takeaways that I could immediately implement in my current role.” – Sarah Hodo, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (2019 attendee)


AALL has compiled helpful articles about doing competitive intelligence (CI) work in different settings. The articles listed below were featured in AALL Spectrum and in the magazines rotating column “Practical Competitive Intelligence.”