AALL Education Update / April 2016


Innovation drives business and grabs headlines. But is it within our grasp? What if innovation could be manageable? What if you could be the one driving innovation in your organization? In Chicago—a city that has reinvented itself time and time again—specially-curated programs will take big ideas and mine them for real-world (your world) application.

Opening General Session/Keynote
Sunday, July 17 | 9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.
Keynote Speaker: Will Evans, chief design officer at PraxisFlow

Purpose-Driven Exploration in Knowledge Work

The last 20 years have been a period of radical disruption and transformation in knowledge work. The “why, what, and how” of new value creation and delivery in knowledge-intensive work is shifting and the power has moved from the center to the edges. Explore how Lean principles, transplanted from the world of manufacturing into the ephemeral world of knowledge work and knowledge management, can frame the challenges facing law librarians today.

Sponsored by Bloomberg BNA, LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters, and Wolters Kluwer.

Innovation Labs
Tuesday, July 19 | 2:30 p.m.

  • Discover what the “Lean” buzz is all about. Explore Lean Startup and LeanUX, and learn how these concepts could be applied in your own workplace on a low-risk, manageable scale.
  • Engage in a conversation with Judge Richard A. Posner of the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (and senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School)—one of the most provocative voices of both the modern federal judiciary and legal academia. Bob Berring, former AALL President and the Walter Perry Johnson professor of law at UC Berkeley, will question Judge Posner about his new work.
  • Understand how Design Thinking for Libraries—the result of a collaboration between Chicago Public Libraries, Aarhus Public Libraries, and IDEO—can advance your library by using human-centered design methods.

Think these concepts aren’t for you? Think again. Legal information is big business and innovation is more than a buzz word—get in the driver’s seat.


Arrive early and maximize your conference experience by registering for a preconference workshop—explore lean process improvement, learn to navigate United Nations legal research, or get up to speed on metadata and linked data. Attendance is limited, so be sure to register well in advance of the June 20 deadline! Check out all the sessions and start making plans to join us.


The AALL Annual Meeting & Conference provides several opportunities to tackle current issues and share ideas and experiences—we want to hear from you.

  • Have you implemented an innovative program in your library? Perhaps you’ve created a set of best practices to apply in the workplace. Or maybe you’d like to share new classroom techniques, findings from a research project, or a practical problem-solving effort. Submit a poster session proposal online by April 15.
  • Got a burning question you’d like to ask? Maybe you’d like to pick your colleagues’ brains about a new innovation. Wondering if anybody has dealt with the same situation you now find yourself in? “Coffee Talk” discussions will be held on Monday morning, and we’re looking for great table topics to keep you buzzing all day. Send your ideas to AALL by May 15.


AALL Annual Meeting Grants cover registration costs at either the Annual Meeting or its associated workshops. Individuals eligible for the Experienced Member Grant are active members with five or more years of AALL or AALL chapter membership. Individuals eligible for the Student/New Member Grant are student members of AALL or an AALL chapter, or active members with less than five years of AALL or AALL chapter membership. Be sure to submit your application by April 1.


Every year AALL awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to law school and library school students and AALL members. The following scholarships are awarded annually:

  • Library School Scholarships (for those with or without JDs)
  • Law School Scholarships (for those with MLS/MLIS and those seeking dual JD/MLIS)
  • Scholarships for Library School Graduates Seeking a Non-Law Degree
  • LexisNexis John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • AALL and Thomson Reuters George A. Strait Minority Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Continuing Professional Education Courses
  • Marcia J. Koslov Scholarship for members to attend continuing education programs for state, court, or county law librarians

The deadline for applications is April 1To learn more about the scholarships, instructions, and applications process, contact AALL Scholarship Award Jury Chair Louis Rosen or AALL Headquarters.


AALL’s LexisNexis Research Grant Jury is accepting applications through April 1 for research grants totaling up to $5,000 from the AALL Research Fund (An Endowment Established by LexisNexis). Established in July 2000, the annual grants fund large or small research projects that create, disseminate, or use legal and law-related information. The AALL Research Agenda offers suggestions for possible research projects that cover a wide range of professional interests. Access the complete guidelines and apply for a grant. Grants will be awarded and announced by the end of April.


Organize Better with Mobile Apps
Thursday, April 28 | 11:00 a.m. (CDT)
Register by Monday, April 25
AALL Members – Complimentary; Non-members – $60

Are you making the best use of your mobile devices for organizing your daily routines? You may be concerned about privacy and security, hesitant to use cloud services, or just haven’t had the time to find the best practices to make it all work successfully. This webinar will help you set up a system that makes it easy to access your information from anywhere, back up your important information securely, and organize your to-do lists effectively. Learn best practices for security for different types of information using apps such as Dropbox, 1 Password, Wunderlist, and Evernote. Learn how you can apply this knowledge immediately and begin working more effectively.

This webinar program is made possible through a partnership with Wolters Kluwer.


As an AALL member, you can access AALL 2015 educational program recordings, whether you joined us in Philly or not.

AALL 2015 session recordings sponsored by Thomson Reuters.

Webinars Now Available On-Demand

Pick of the Month

Selected by AALL’s Continuing Professional Education Committee

Distance Learning: The New Normal for Librarians
Distance learning has the potential to radically change the delivery of legal education. Today, most law schools are experimenting with some type of distance learning and law librarians are on the forefront of both teaching and supporting online programs. Get advice on partnering with faculty, supporting students, and teaching online research sessions. During the webinar Rebecca Trammell, law library director and professor of law at Stetson University College of Law, discusses a wide variety of distance learning tools and provides advice on how to get started with distance education.

See what else is available on-demand.


From the schoolyard to the workplace, nearly everyone has dealt with at least one bully in their lifetime. Bullies in the workplace—whether they are managers or coworkers—decrease morale and productivity. As a leader, you must recognize when bullying occurs, cultivate a work environment in which bullying is unacceptable, and be prepared to do what is necessary to create a healthy work environment for your staff, even if that means dismissing the bully.

Here are some suggested articles to help you learn how to create a bully-free work environment:

For more in depth reading on the topic:

To encourage all of us to think about leadership, the Leadership Development Committee highlights short articles in the monthly AALL E-newsletter and Education Update. Next month our focus will be the role of introspection and self-reflection in leadership. Have a suggestion or request for a topic? Please email Becka Rich.


Thinking about continuing your education? AALL’s Education Department recommends the following:

Leaders are Constant Learners
How do you take control of your professional development in today’s world? Commit to learning something new every day with “Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM),” a life-long learning strategy outlined in the Harvard Business Review article, “The Best Leaders are Constant Learners.” “It is a method for individuals to take control of their professional development through a continuous process of seeking, sensing-making, and sharing.” Become part of a learning ecosystem where exchanging ideas and experiences are the norm. The sketch note created by Tanmay Vora in the article, “Leadership, Learning, and Personal Knowledge Mastery” is visual food for thought. Taking control of learning requires effort. Through a process of smart filtering, reflecting, and passing your knowledge forward, PKM helps you calibrate your decisions and commit to a series of small outputs to improve your overall capabilities.