AALL eNewsletter / June 2008


Your June eNewsletter contains all the latest information on our upcoming Annual Meeting in Portland, several educational opportunities, and news about national recognition received by two of our members. Also, learn how you can voice your opinion about the direction of our Washington Affairs Office by participating now through July 2 in a special blog.

What Do AALL’s Government Advocacy Efforts Mean to You?

Since AALL established its Washington Affairs Office (WAO) nearly 20 years ago, our Association has been well represented in the nation’s capital. Through the efforts of the WAO, AALL has had a voice on state-level information policy issues and at the international level as well. As a result of the recent passing of Bob Oakley, who had served as AALL Washington affairs representative since 1989, AALL needs to consider the immediate options and long-term outlook for this highly-valued endeavor.

The Washington Affairs Office Review (WAOR) Special Committee, which I appointed in February, has developed a short-term blog as one of several ways to gather feedback from AALL members. The AALL Beyond the Beltway Blog begins today and will continue through July 2. Each day a new question will be posted for discussion. Members of the committee will serve as responders on the blog.

Please take this opportunity to share your views and experiences concerning government relations, public information advocacy, and/or the Washington Affairs Office. Your feedback will assist members of the WAOR Special Committee as they carry out their charge.

Navigating Portland’s MAX Light Rail for Annual Meeting Attendees

Are you attending AALL’s Annual Meeting in Portland next month? Don’t get lost on the way: transportation is necessary to and from most conference hotels and the Oregon Convention Center. The MAX Light Rail train—free within downtown Portland, including the convention center—is available for this purpose; directions for navigating this system are provided below. Allow a minimum of 25 minutes to get from the downtown hotels to the convention center.

To the Oregon Convention Center: Free MAX Light Rail service is available from downtown hotels and the Doubletree Lloyd Center. From downtown, take the Red Line (toward Portland International Airport) or Blue Line (toward Gresham) to the Convention Center stop. The Courtyard by Marriott-Lloyd Center, Holiday Inn, and Red Lion Convention Center hotels are within walking distance of the convention center.

From the Oregon Convention Center to the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower: Cross the tracks from the convention center to board the Red Line (toward Beaverton) or Blue Line (toward Hillsboro) heading west to downtown. Disembark at the Pioneer Square stop and turn left to 6th Avenue. Turn right, travel two blocks to the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower.

The MAX Light Rail will also get you from the airport to conference hotels quickly and inexpensively. Watch your e-mail inbox for the June Annual Meeting Update e-newsletter and more news to know before you go to Portland.

New Format for Members’ Open Forum

I am pleased to announce that we will try a new, more interactive format for the Members’ Open Forum in Portland. The Members’ Open Forum is held each year immediately following the AALL Business Meeting and provides an opportunity for members to raise questions and discuss issues without following the requirements imposed by parliamentary procedures. Under the new format, the AALL Executive Board will respond to questions and comments when it appears that this would be helpful. Karl Gruben, law library director and professor of law at St. Thomas University Law Library, will serve as moderator for the Open Forum, which is scheduled for Monday, July 14, from 3:15-3:45 p.m.

2008 AALL Business Meeting Agenda

The AALL General Business Meeting will be held during the AALL Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, on Monday, July 14, from 2:15-3:15 p.m. This year, you may submit resolutions online for consideration by the membership at the Business Meeting. The deadline to submit resolutions online is Sunday, July 13, at 2:15 p.m.

General Business Meeting

Ann T. Fessenden, President, Presiding

1. Call to Order and Introductions Ann T. Fessenden
2. Adoption of the Standing Rules Ann T. Fessenden
3. Adoption of the Agenda Ann T. Fessenden
4. Approval of the Minutes from the 2007 Business Meeting Darcy Kirk, Secretary
5. Report on Elections Darcy Kirk
6. Report on Bylaws Vote Darcy Kirk
7. Introduction of New Board Members Ann T. Fessenden
8. Memorials Ann T. Fessenden
9. President’s Report Ann T. Fessenden
10. Vice President’s Remarks James E. Duggan
11. President’s Certificates of Appreciation Ann T. Fessenden
12. Introduction and Remarks of Special Guests Ann T. Fessenden
13. Treasurer’s Report * David S. Mao
14. Acting Washington Affairs Representative’s Report * Mary Alice Baish
15. Executive Director’s Report * Kate Hagan
16. Resolutions Ann T. Fessenden
17. New Business Ann T. Fessenden
18. Announcements and Adjournment Ann T. Fessenden

* These Reports will be attached to the agenda available at the meeting and will not be presented from the podium.

Members’ Open Forum
Monday, July 14
3:15-3:45 p.m.

A Members’ Open Forum will be held immediately at the conclusion of the Business Meeting. The Open Forum provides members with an opportunity to raise questions and discuss issues without following the requirements imposed by parliamentary procedures. Action may not be taken during the Open Forum. Issues may, however, be raised and referred to the president for further action.

Apply for the AALL Leadership Academy by June 30

Don’t miss your chance to be considered for the career-building 2008 AALL Leadership Academy, to be held October 3-4 in the Chicago area.

Law librarians in the early stages of their careers can get ahead in the profession through participation in the Academy, as they learn their unique strengths and how to bring value to their organizations through personal visibility.

2008 Leadership AcademyApplications are due by June 30, and participants (fellows) will be selected and notified by mid-August. Fellows will participate in pre-engagement exercises, have the opportunity to obtain a mentor, and receive ongoing leadership development opportunities.

Update Your AALL Directory Profile before the end of June

Help ensure that your listing in the 2008-2009 AALL Directory and Handbook is accurate—update your public address in the AALLNET Members Only Section by June 30.

Did you change jobs or your name this year? Please note that you are not able to change your employer information or your last name online. Please contact Membership Services Coordinator Hannah Phelps at 312/205-8022 before June 30 to update your employer information or last name.

Library directors, do you need to update your library’s profile in the Geographical section of the AALL Directory? For instance, has your address, number of lawyers/students, or number of volumes changed? If so, please contact Hannah Phelps at 312/205-8022 before June 30 to update your library’s information.

Thanks for your help to make the 2008-2009 AALL Directory accurate and up-to-date.

Sign Up for Next Month’s Webinar: The Evolving Role of the Solo Librarian

For those of you not attending the 2008 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference next month, you will have the chance to tune into a live Webinar of the conference program, The Evolving Role of the Solo Librarian: How to Do It All Without Losing Your Mind, on Monday, July 14, at 9:45 a.m. PDT.

During the 45-minute program, Lauri R. Flynn, library manager at Gunderson Dettmer, and Sue H. Johnson, librarian at Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, LLP, will present and discuss the results of a survey of solo librarians—particularly those in law firm settings. You will be able to compare the experiences of your colleagues and how their roles have changed. Use this knowledge to effectively work with changes and develop opportunities in your own workplace.

Register today! Payment must be received by July 7 in order to participate in the Webinar.

CS-SIS Hosts Web 2.0 Challenge Online Course

Are you interested in learning about applications like blogs, wikis, and Second Life, but don’t have a lot of time? Take the Computing Services Special Interest Section (CS-SIS) Web 2.0 Challenge!

The Web 2.0 Challenge—a free, comprehensive, and interactive online course—will use hands-on exercises to introduce law librarians to many kinds of social technologies in just 1-3 hours per week for five weeks. The course will take place between July 21 and August 18, immediately following the AALL Annual Meeting.

AALL Member Named One of Law Firm Inc.’s Innovators of 2008

Mary Kay JungPrivate Law Libraries Special Interest Section member Mary Kay Jung has been named one of Law Firm Inc.’s Innovators of 2008. Erik Sherman’s article on page 22 of the May/June 2008 issue of Law Firm Inc. commends Jung, director of library services at Thompson Coburn LLP in St. Louis, for doubling her firm’s SDI news feeds while cutting costs in half. Jung would like to thank her library staff for its group effort toward this innovation. Congratulations to Thompson Coburn law library for its recognition in “the business magazine for law firm executives.”

Sally Holterhoff Appointed to Depository Library Council

I am very pleased to inform you that Public Printer Robert C. Tapella has announced the appointment of five new members to the Government Printing Office’s Depository Library Council, including our Immediate Past President Sally Holterhoff. Composed of 15 members, each of whom serves a three-year term, the council’s role is to advise the public printer on policy matters relating to the Federal Depository Library Program.

Sally HolterhoffAssociate professor of law librarianship and government information/reference librarian at Valparaiso University Law Library, Holterhoff has worked with federal documents and the depository program for more than 25 years; she served a previous term on the Depository Library Council from 1987-1990. Holterhoff has exhibited a continual commitment to ensuring the authenticity and reliability of online legal resources. Among her key presidential initiatives was the very successful National Summit on Authentication of Digital Legal Information convened by AALL in April 2007. Congratulations, Sally!

Visit the New AALL Member Services Booth in Portland

New this year, AALL will host a Member Services Booth in the Exhibit Hall during the AALL Annual Meeting in Portland. Stop by the booth to explore your Association and learn what AALL can do for you, then take a break in the comfy lounge area and network with your colleagues. The booth will serve as a gateway to the AALL Activities Area, where you will find information about AALL committees, special interest sections, chapters, caucuses, and much more. The raffle drawings, Meet the Candidates forum, and awards recognition will all take place in the booth area. Additionally, the AALL Archives exhibit will feature a retrospective of Bob Oakley’s career and advocacy work for AALL.

Visit the Member Services Booth early to pick up a free AALL lanyard made from 100 percent organic cotton (supplies are limited); return to the booth on Tuesday, July 15, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. to celebrate Law Library Journal‘s 100th volume year with birthday cake and refreshments. We hope to see you there!

Meet the AALL Executive Board Candidates in Portland

Earlier this month, the AALL Nominations Committee presented the slate of candidates for the AALL Executive Board election, which will be held November 3-December 1, 2008. Successful candidates will begin their terms of office in July 2009. You can get to know these candidates face-to-face during the Meet the Candidates forum at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Portland on Tuesday, July 15, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the AALL Member Services Booth in the Exhibit Hall. This is your chance to ask questions and find out each candidate’s vision for AALL before you vote in November.

Washington Affairs Office Negotiates Crucial Orphan Works Bills

Through the Library Copyright Alliance (LCA), AALL has been involved in intense negotiations on the Hill for the House and Senate orphan works bills (H.R. 5889/S. 2913), which intend to enable the use of copyrighted works without permission when their copyright owners cannot be identified. This legislation must address several key issues in order to create a feasible program that benefits libraries, particularly in the area of mass digitization projects. As the rigid requirements potentially established by these bills for qualifying searches and archiving could possibly burden libraries, we support the need for orphan works legislation while aiming to ensure that the procedures for such works do not limit their ultimate accessibility.

One of our primary concerns is that the bills are intended to enable someone to use an orphan work after conducting a “qualifying search” for the owner; however, if the threshold requirements for a “qualifying search” are too difficult for libraries to meet, they simply will not take advantage of the legislation, and orphan works will remain relatively inaccessible to the public. A second major concern lies in what we refer to as the “dark archive,” the “Notice of Use” provision in H.R. 5889 relating to a filing. These requirements would be excessively burdensome for libraries, as they mandate that users file a “notice of use” detailing their qualifying searches with the Copyright Office; this would drive up compliance costs significantly.

AALL Acting Washington Affairs Representative Mary Alice Baish has been working closely with the AALL Copyright Committee in monitoring developments during the negotiations. When they conclude, the committee will make the decision whether AALL should support, oppose, or remain neutral on these bills.

CRIV Tip: Negotiating Internet Subscriptions

The Committee on Relations with Information Vendors member Robert Myers, manager of serials and collections access at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, presents CRIV Tip No. 10 about negotiating Internet subscriptions.

Are you a newer librarian or in a new position and negotiating an Internet subscription for the first time? Are you sure you are asking the vendor the important questions that need clarification before signing the agreement? Consult CRIV Tools Checklist for the Negotiation of Internet Subscriptions for a sampling of issues that should be addressed in the negotiation process.

Did You Renew Your Membership for 2008-2009?

The deadline for AALL membership renewal was May 31. You still have time to renew before you miss out on valuable member services. Following is the 2008-2009 membership renewal schedule:

July 23: Expiration notices e-mailed to all members—individuals and those paid by institutions.

August 1: Expired members deleted from the AALL membership database and access to the AALLNET Members Only Section and Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum subscriptions discontinued.