AALL eNewsletter / September 2007


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2007 Annual Meeting Educational Videos Available on AALLNET

Two fabulous 2007 Annual Meeting programs were videotaped and are available for a short time only in the Members Only section of AALLNET. The programs, C-4: “Rising to the Leadership Challenge Outside Your Library: Being a Leader in the Larger Organization” and H-5: “The Future of Cataloging,” are available for viewing in our brand new CPE Audio/Video Broadcasts section, along with many other continuing professional education (CPE) programs. Thank you to the 2006-2007 CPE grant recipients for making these members-only learning opportunities possible.

As an added bonus, read the September/October issue of AALL Spectrum for articles highlighting these two Annual Meeting programs, along with many other sessions and events from New Orleans.

Plans for the AALL Price Index

AALL Price Index for Legal Publications is now in the editing stage and will be posted this fall in the Members Only section of AALLNET. The purpose of the Price Index is to provide members with comparative information about past price changes in order to help with budgeting and collection development decisions.

AALL encourages vendors to follow the AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers regarding disclosure of prices. Principle 2 states: “Publishers should provide full disclosure about their products, services, prices, and transactions insofar as allowed without violating contractual agreements or revealing proprietary information.” Since issuance of the 2005 Price Index, some questions have arisen concerning the absence of Thomson West pricing. The AALL Price Index for Legal Publications Committee asks publishers to provide their pricing, but West has declined to do so. Some previous committees compiled West pricing from information contributed by members, but this information is unverifiable. Therefore, prior to issuance of the 2005 edition, the AALL Executive Board determined that only prices received directly from vendors should be included. The board and the Price Index Committee continue to request pricing from all major vendors.

Some members have expressed justifiable concerns about the continuing value of the Price Index without price information from the largest legal information vendor. Others have suggested that pricing information is no longer useful due to the increasing use by vendors of variable pricing structures. Therefore, in the near future the Executive Board plans to seek the views of the membership on this issue.

Questions about the Price Index will be part of a comprehensive membership survey currently being developed for issuance later this fall. The survey will provide you with an opportunity to express your views on the value of the Price Index and on a wide range of other AALL programs and services. The board will review the information collected and make a determination regarding the future of the Price Index. Watch for an announcement of the survey and please take advantage of this opportunity to express your views.

AALL Continues National Leadership on Digital Authentication

Since AALL’s successful National Summit on Authentic Legal Information in the Digital Age in April, we have worked closely with our outside delegates to promote these important issues.

Judge Herbert B. Dixon, Jr., wrote “The Lack of Effort to Ensure Integrity and Trustworthiness of Online Legal Information and Documents” for the summer 2007 issue of The Judges’ Journal. Judge Dixon also spoke in New Orleans at program E-1: “AELIC’s Survey on Authentication of Government Information: A Year Later and Still Challenging,” where he acknowledged the importance of AALL’s 2007 State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources.

During the next month, AALL members will speak about our report at several key national conferences, including the National Association of Legislative Information Technology, the CTC10 Conference sponsored by the National Center for State Courts, and the fall meeting of the Federal Depository Library Council.

AALL Salary Survey Results Coming Next Month

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2007 AALL Biennial Salary Survey. The response rate is currently at 54.6 percent?our highest in 10 years and nearly 20 percent higher than the 2005 survey. Your impressive participation will ensure detailed salary breakdowns and accurate compensation information.

Association Research Inc. is now tabulating the responses, and the final report will be available on the Members Only Section of AALLNET in October. Print copies are also available for order and will be delivered in late October.

2008 Annual Meeting Scheduling Begins Now

The Annual Meeting Program Committee is hard at work reading 197 program proposals in preparation for the selection meeting in Chicago this weekend, September 21-22. The committee will contact those who submitted proposals by early October. Program selections and descriptions will appear in the Program Announcement in the December issue of AALL Spectrum.

This week a letter will be mailed out to all committee, SIS, and caucus chairs; chapter presidents; and affiliate groups, outlining the agenda for the 2008 conference, including scheduling forms for your meetings and functions in Portland.

Scheduling forms are due at AALL Headquarters by November 1 to ensure that they are listed in the Preliminary Program that mails with the March issue of Spectrum.

AALL Representatives Appointed

At its July meeting, the Executive Board approved a plan for an expanded program of representatives to related organizations. The AALL Representative Program formalizes certain relationships between AALL and partner organizations, which include AALL stakeholders. It also allows the representatives to bring information about partner organizations to AALL members and educate them about the other organizations and their issues of importance to law librarians.

Members are appointed to representative positions based on their expertise in an area related to the partner organization or due to their particular positions within AALL. The board approved new representations to the following organizations:

Many thanks to these members, as well as others who currently serve as representatives. A complete list of AALL representatives can be found on AALLNET.

AALL Research Committee Accepting Grant Applications

The AALL Research Committee is accepting applications for research grants from the AALL/Wolters Kluwer Law and Business Grants Program. A single grant of up to $5,000, or multiple grants totaling $5,000, may be awarded. The committee will award one or more grants to library professionals who wish to conduct research that supports the research and scholarly agenda of the profession of law librarianship. More information can be found on AALLNET. The deadline for applications is November 27.

CRIV Tip: Dealing with Telemarketers

Welcome to CRIV Tip, a new monthly feature for 2007-2008. These tips will direct you to select CRIV tools and help you become your own best advocate in your vendor relations. CRIV member Robert Myers, manager of serials and collections access at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, developed the tips.

16 C.F.R. Part 310 is the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule, which defines initiating a telemarketing phone call to someone who has previously stated that he or she does not wish to receive such calls as an abusive telemarketing practice. Did you know that libraries are not covered by this rule? What is a librarian to do? First you should ask to be placed on the vendor’s “do-not-call” list. Consult CRIV Tools for more suggestions on dealing with telemarketers.

Volunteer for an AALL Committee Today

AALL is now accepting applications for 2008-2009 committee volunteers. Committees carry out AALL’s Strategic Directions of leadership, education, and advocacy, which in turn drives our professional future. Visit AALLNET to explore the variety of committees available, as well as to get an idea of the work of each group before you fill out the volunteer form.

Deadlines: If you are volunteering for the Annual Meeting Program Committee, please submit by October 31. All others, please submit by December 1. Your efforts will ensure the vitality and future of AALL. Don’t hesitate, volunteer today.

Professional Legal Management Week: October 1-5

Professional Legal Management Week provides a forum for recognizing those in legal management for what they do and the roles they play in the success of their organization. AALL is one of eight associations co-sponsoring the event with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).

Why not use this as an opportunity to invite other legal management professionals in your organization to join you in highlighting the work that all of you do by celebrating the 3rd annual Professional Legal Management Week October 1-5?