Miscellaneous Resources

Below you will find a variety of resources that might be helpful in your FCIL work.

  • Transnational Legal Transactions: Introduction to Transnational Legal Transactions, Edited by Marylin J. Raisch and Roberta I. Shaffer. Sponsored by AALL. 1995. Table of Contents only.
  • Public International Law: Contemporary Practice of Public International Law, edited by Ellen g. Schaffer and Randall J. Snyder. Sponsored by AALL. 1997. Table of Contents only.
  • International Organizations: Introduction to International Organizations, edited by Lyonette Louis-Jacques and Jeanne S. Korman. Sponsored by AALL. 1996. Table of Contents only.
  • International Business Law: Introduction to International Business Law: Legal Transactions in a Global Economy, Edited by Gitelle Seer and Maria I. Smolka-Day. Sponsored by AALL. 1996. Table of Contents only.
  • Foreign Legal Systems: Introduction to Foreign Legal Systems, Edited by Richard A. Danner and Marie-Louise H. Bernal. Sponsored by AALL. 1994. Table of Contents only.
  • Publication Opportunities: Publication opportunities for librarians interested in writing about foreign, comparative and international law and legal research
  • Islamic Law: Traditions and Transitions: Islamic Law in a Changing World (ASIL/LC 2005). Vol. 63, No. 4, Library of Congress Information Bulletin (April 2004). Reprinted with permission.
  • Caribbean Legal Literature: Commonwealth Caribbean Legal Literature (2004)
  • Online Discussion Forums