The Wayfinders Among Us: First-Gen Professionals in AALL

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (11am - 12pm US/Central)

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First-generation professionals are the first in their families to cross a threshold into a professional career. Many face socioeconomic issues not experienced by their colleagues, and can face a sense of isolation and a steep learning curve with regard to professional norms. Conversely, inclusion of first-gen professionals can help to foster diversity in law librarianship, and first-gens can serve as an empathetic point of contact for similarly situated students, patrons, and peers. Panelists, who are first-gen professionals from academic, government, and law firm settings, will discuss their triumphs and challenges, and provide insights into navigating their unique career paths. They will also discuss establishment of the First-Gen Professionals Caucus, which serves as a vehicle for professional development, mentorship, and coordination of recruitment efforts for first-gen law and library students.

Submitted in coordination with the First-Gen Professionals Caucus.

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