The Most Improbable War: Legal Transformations in Ukraine and Russia Before and During the Invasion (FCIL-SIS)

Thursday, June 16, 2022 (1pm - 2pm US/Central)

The Foreign, Comparative & International Law SIS (FCIL-SIS) is co-sponsoring an upcoming entry in the Law Library of Congress’ Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar Series.

This entry in the series will provide an overview of the historic roots of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, including: reviewing information about the background of the Crimean and East Ukrainian territorial problem, which escalated into current war; providing an overview of treaties and agreements between Ukraine and Russia; reviewing laws regulating the use of arms in both countries; and examining legal regimes created in Ukraine and Russia before and during the invasion. Further, an analysis and comparison of legislation recently passed in Ukraine and Russia, coupled with Ukrainian legal scholars’ discussion of a so-called “juridical front,” provides an interesting picture of the situation on the ground and suggests how it may develop in the future. Resources available to research the laws of Ukraine will also be introduced during the presentation.

Speaker: Peter L. Roudik, Assistant Law Librarian of Congress for Legal Research

This webinar is open to all AALL members. Register now.