Bethany J. Ochal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession

The Bethany J. Ochal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession award is presented to a Government Law Libraries Special Interest Section member who has made a significant contribution to law librarianship and who is nearing the end the member’s library career or who has recently retired.

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  • 2011 - 2022


    • Kathy Carlson, Retired, Director, Wyoming State Law Library, Cheyenne, WY
    • Sarah Galligan, Retired, Law Librarian, Ramsey County Law Library, St. Paul, MN


    • John Adkins, Director of Libraries, San Diego Law Library, San Diego, CA
    • Catherine Lemann, Retired, New Orleans, LA


    • Steve Anderson, Director, Thurgood Marshall State Law Library, Annapolis, Maryland
    • Donna Bausch, Executive Director (retired), Norfolk Public Law Library, Norfolk, Virginia
    • Donna Williams, Director (retired), California Judicial Center Law Library, San Francisco, California


    • Coral Henning, Director (in memoriam), Sacramento County Public Law Library, Sacramento, California
    • Carol Ebbinghouse, Law Librarian (retired), 2nd District Court of Appeals for California, Law Library, Pasadena, California
    • Terry Long, Librarian (retired), Virginia State Law Library, Richmond, Virginia
    • Mariann Sears, Director, Harris County Law Library, Houston, Texas


    • Scott Burgh, Chief Law Librarian (retired), City of Chicago Department of Law, Chicago, Illinois
    • Jacquelyn J. Jurkins, Director of the Law Library, Multnomah Law Library, Portland, Oregon
    • Regina L. Smith, Executive Director and Corporate Secretary, Jenkins Memorial Law Library, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Maryruth Storer, Director, Orange County Public Law Library, Santa Ana, California


    •  Dr. Joel Fishman, Associate Director for Lawyer Services, retired, Duquesne University Center for Legal Information/Allegheny County Law Library, Pittsburgh, PA


    • Rita Dermody, retired from Public Law Library of King County


    • Georgia Chadwick, Director, Law Library of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA
    • Ann Fessenden, Circuit Librarian, U.S. Court of Appeals 8th Circuit Library, St. Louis, MO
    • Sandy Marz, Director, (retired) Washoe County Law Library, Reno, NV
    • Laura J.Orr, Law Librarian, Washington County Law Library, Hillsboro, OR


    • Marcia Koslov, Executive Director (Retired), LA Law Library
    • Judy Meadows, State Law Librarian of Montana and Director, Montana Supreme Court


    • Janet H. Camillo, Director (Retired), Montgomery County Circuit Court Law Library, South Kensington, MD

  • 1997 - 2009


    • Shirley Hart-David, Retired
    • Charles Dyer, Consultant & Retired Public Law Library Director
    • Cosette Sun, Retired Alameda County Law Library Director
    • Barbara Golden, Retired
    • Anne Grande, Retired


    • Carol D. Billings, Director, Law Library of Louisiana
    • Jean M. Holcomb, Director (retired), King County (WA) Law Library


    • Paul Fu, Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library
    • Kai-Yun Chiu
    • Shelley Dowling, United States Supreme Court Law Library
    • Kay Schlueter, Texas State Law Library


    • Marvin Anderson, Minnesota State Law Librarian
    • Jacqueline Wright, retired Arkansas Supreme Court Librarian


    • Marie Sekula
    • Edgar Bellefontaine, Social Law Library, Boston