Mentoring Skills Inventory

Welcome to the GLL-SIS Skills Inventory where new and veteran members can connect as mentor and mentee.  Members seeking advice or guidance can connect with members willing to share their expertise and experience. No intermediary is needed and no one tracks the connections made between people.

How do you participate?

  • To provide your expertise as a mentor: complete the Skills Inventory Survey. Your name will be added to the sub-topics you select within the Skills Inventory with a link to your contact information on AALLNET.
  • To locate a mentor for guidance or assistance: click through the Skills Inventory to find the sub-topic (there are 75!) that describes your area of need, select one of the volunteer mentors listed below that sub-topic and contact them directly.
  • Updates to the Skills Inventory are not immediate but will be done periodically.

If you have any suggestions or questions or a success story to share, or if you need to update your Mentor entry, please contact the Skills Inventory Coordinator.

Areas of Expertise