This site is created to share information to assist law librarians advocating for funding and legislation. Types of information will include sample letters, resolutions and statistical information. Thanks to all those who are willing to share their work.

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Texas Commission on Legal Services Issues Recommendation to Promote Law Libraries
The Commission’s fourth recommendation encourages the court to “promote both adequate funding for public law libraries and placing navigators in libraries, courthouses, and other public spaces.” The report goes on to describe public state and county law library services and specific programs for self-represented litigants at law libraries throughout the state, including at several AALL member libraries. See Full Report.

Comment on Proposed California Rule of Court 10.960, Court Self Help Centers (From the Council of California County Law Libraries)

Report on the Assembly of Court Associations Meeting

Letter to Washington State Judiciary Committee
From Maria Sosnowski, Clark County Law Librarian

Laws About County Law Libraries, compiled by Paula Seeger, of the Dane County Legal Resource Center, in Madison, WI (2005)

Florida Resolution (2004) The Florida State Court & County Law Libraries, Inc. drafted this resolution urging the legislature to establish a task force to study law library issues and recommend funding sources.

Funding Sources for Law Libraries Serving Local Jurisdictions

Jean Holcomb, formerly of the King County Law Library, has written a short account of the efforts of the Washington Association of County Law Libraries to gain further legislative support.

And, we have a copy of the Washington State Civil Legal Needs Study.