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The perennial issue - law library funding. Beyond civil filing fees, has any law library tried other avenues for funding, for example, a portion of the attorney registration fee, or other vehicle? I am interested whether or not the attempt was successful. (Dec. 2007)

List Responses Law Library Funding Avenues (pdf)

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In your county or public law library, are services such as document delivery, memberships, conference room rentals and other fee-services viewed more as an additional service or more as a source of revenue?

List Responses Library Services as Revenue Generators (pdf)

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Wi-Fi - Making a library wireless. (July 2005)

List Responses Wi-Fi - Making a library wireless(pdf)

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How Law Librarians Can Help District Attorneys

List Responses District Attorneys - How Law Librarians Can Help (pdf)

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Notary Services in Law Libraries - Summary (2006)

Not intended for use as a current directory of notary services

List Responses Notary Services in Law Libraries (pdf)

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How, if at all, do you factor remote-access database use into your reference or user stats?

List Responses Reference Stats (pdf)

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Credit cards for the library

List Responses Credit Cards for the Library (pdf)

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I would like to move away from keeping accounts and month billing for our member attorneys for copy/fax services and sales of forms.

List Responses Accounts and Billing Summary (pdf)

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Spanish-English Legal Dictionary Recommendations

List Responses Spanish-English Legal Dictionaries - Summary(pdf)

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I'm hoping to gather some opinions on the merits of USCS v. USCA. How do they compare?

List Responses Summary - USCs v USCA (pdf)