Job Description

Tools and Examples for Writing Positions Descriptions

AALL Body of Knowledge (BoK)

The AALL Body of Knowledge covers six crucial domains where law librarians need to excel: professionalism and leadership at every level, research and analysis, information management, teaching and training, marketing and outreach, and management and business acumen. Each domain is defined by the requisite competencies and skills for mastery. Through these elements, the BoK assists legal information professionals in identifying strengths and opportunities Members will also find enormous value in the application of these standards in crafting job descriptions, writing performance evaluations, designing curricula, and developing training programs.

State Court and County Law Library Job Responsibilities and Requirements

This document includes basic descriptions for:

  • Solo Law Librarian
  • Director/Chief Librarian: (a/k/a State Law Librarian; Circuit Librarian)
  • Associate/Deputy/Assistant Director/Chief of Branch
  • Supervisory Librarian: May supervise one or more staff or an entire department.
  • Computer/Automation Librarian
  • Acquisitions/Collection Development Librarian:
  • Catalog Librarian
  • Technical Services Librarian
  • Public Services Librarian
  • Library Assistant/Paraprofessional
  • Library Clerk
  • Computer Technician

Maryland State Law Library

The position descriptions for the following positions are available upon request from Steve Anderson, Director of the Maryland State Law Library.


  • Deputy Director

Head of Technical Services

  • Discovery Services Librarian
  • Technical Services Assistant
  • Library Aid (Part-time)

Head of Collection Management

  • Maryland Collections
  • Collection Management Specialist

Head of Reference and Outreach

  • Reference Librarian (Part-time)
  • Reference Assistant

Web Content Administrator

  • Web Services Librarian