Library Space

Advocating to preserve law library space allocation

(List discussion)

Law librarians share their experiences with challenges to library space allocation and suggest strategies to meet those challenges.

Estimating shelf space needs based on number of volumes

(List discussion, Oct. 10, 2007)

A request for a standard formula for calculating linear feet occupied based on volume count, and many helpful responses.

Lost in Space: Collection and Space Management

Contributed by new SCCLL member, Leanne Cummings, National Library Manager at Deacons in Australia (August, 2008)

Space Calculator (Excel spreadsheet)

This spreadsheet (West template, provided by Ross Blakley Law Library, Arizona State University), provides a formula and standard format for estimating shelf space needs based on current holdings.

Do you have suggestions, experiences or tips to share about library space issues? Please send them to Kate Fitz. Thanks!