AALL Executive Board Annual Meeting Special Committee, 2011-12

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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I am happy to be appointed Chair of the Executive Board Annual Meeting Special Committee. Joining me on the committee are AALL Vice President Jean Wenger, AALL Secretary Deborah Rusin, and Board Member Ron Wheeler. Our charge is to sort and prioritize the recommendations of the October 2011 report: Observations and Recommendations, American Association of Law Libraries by Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Member ideas and comments are the basis for the report's recommendations. Based on observation and personal interviews with a wide spectrum of members, the report contains new ideas and suggestions on how we can improve and invigorate AALL's premier educational opportunity, the Annual Meeting.

The committee will review each of the recommendations, assessing their value to AALL and categorizing the recommendations into phases: immediate for the 2012 Boston meeting, next for the 2013 Seattle meeting, and those needing further consideration or a longer time frame to accomplish. Our goal is to improve the Annual Meeting experience and educational outcome for all AALL members. We invite you to participate by reading the report and offering your comments and suggestions to any of the committee members or by joining our community page on AALLNET.


Diane Rodriguez
Chair of the Executive Board Annual Meeting Special Committee