Grace Elizabeth (Betty) W. Taylor, 1926 – 2013

Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

  • President, Southeastern Association of the AALL, 1962–64
  • Chair, Automation and Scientific Development Committee, 1972–74
  • Chair, Placement Committee, 1975–78
  • Chair, Nominations Committee, 1977–78
  • Chair, Program Committee, 1981 Annual Meeting (Washington, D.C.), 1980–81
  • Chair, LAWNET Committee, 1981–86
  • Executive Board, 1981–84
  • Chair, Program Committee, AALL Institute, 1986–87
  • Co-chair, Local Advisory Committee, 2002 Annual Meeting (Orlando), 2001–02

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Marta Lange/CQ Press Award, Association of College & Research Libraries, American Library Association, 1997
  • Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, 1997
  • AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee, 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

  • A Bibliography and Subject Index of Publications Issued by Official Florida Agencies, January, 1942–December, 1951. Gainesville, Fla., 1953 (with A. Elizabeth Alexander).
  • Index to Florida Legal Periodicals. Gainesville, Fla.: University of Florida, College of Law Library, Preliminary Edition, 1966.
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  • Library Service to the Law School.” In The Spirit of Law Librarianship: A Reader, edited by Roy M. Mersky and Richard A. Leiter, 45–60. 2d ed. Chicago: Alert Publications, 2005.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

  • Grace Elizabeth Woodall Taylor Interview. In An Oral History of Law Librarianship, interviewed by Denise Braziel, Dec. 14, 2012, written transcript. Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Collection, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, University of Florida. Available in Law Library Reference Shelf, HeinOnline.
  • Jon L. Mills et al., “A Tribute to Grace ‘Betty’ W. Taylor,” Journal of Technology Law & Policy 7 (2002): 117–22.
  • Paula D. Williams, Arthur R. Donnelly, Mandell Glicksberg, and Joseph W. Little, “Grace Elizabeth (Betty) Taylor,” Florida Law Review 54 (2002): xxv–xxvii.
  • Kristin Harmel, “Trailblazer Takes a Breather: Betty Taylor Leaves 50-Year Legacy, Sets Precedent for Women (and Men), UFLaw 40 (Fall 2003): 52–55.
  • Kathleen Price, Rick Donnelly, Leah Chanin, Andy Adkins, Rick Matasar, and Robert Munro,
  • “Memorial: Grace” Betty Woodall Taylor (1926–2013), Law Library Journal 105 (2013): 575–84.

Professional Positions

  • Assistant Law Librarian, University of Florida, 1956–61
  • Acting Law Librarian, University of Florida, 1961–62
  • Law Librarian, University of Florida, 1962–73
  • Professor of Law and Law Library Director, University of Florida, 1973–76
  • Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Information Center, University of Florida, 1976–2003 (in 1994, named Clarence J. TeSelle Professor of Law)
  • Acting Dean, University of Florida, 1981
  • Professor Emeritus and Director of the Law Library Emeritus, University of Florida, 2003–2013


  • A.B., Florida State University, 1949
  • M. A., Florida State University, 1950
  • J.D., University of Florida, 1962

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

  • First woman at University of Florida to hold endowed professorship, 1976
  • First woman to serve as dean at University of Florida Levin College of Law, 1981
  • Member, SOLINET Executive Board, 1981–84
  • Chair, SOLINET, 1983–84
  • Advisory Board, WESTLAW