Joseph Myron (Mike) Jacobstein, 1920 – 2005

Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

  • Chair, Joint Committee on Cooperation between American Association of Law Libraries and Association of American Law Schools, 1960–61, 1961
  • Chair, Committee on Application of Mechanical and Scientific Devices to Legal Literature, 1961–63
  • Vice-President, Southwestern Association of Law Libraries, 1962–63
  • Chair, Education Committee, 1967–68
  • Chair, Education Committee, 1968–70
  • Chair, Task Force on AALL Organization, 1973–75
  • Executive Board, 1973–76
  • Chair, Convention Planning Committee, 1977–78
  • President-Elect, 1977–78
  • President, 1978–79
  • Immediate Past President, 1979–80

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, 1987
  • AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee, 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

Special Note: Jacobstein was an acknowledged scholar and prolific writer. The following is only a selection of his works which is intended to demonstrate the breadth of his scholarship. A complete bibliography of Jacobstein’s writings appears in Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 653–60.

  • “The Role of Law Schools in the Education of Law Librarians,” Law Library Journal 55 (1962): 209–12.
  • Classification Scheme Based on That of the Harvard Law Library. Boulder, Colo.: University of Colorado Law Library, 1965 (with John J. Moller).
  • Water Law Bibliography, 1847–1965: Source Book on U.S. Water and Irrigation Studies: Legal, Economic and Political. Silver Spring, Md.: Jefferson Law Book Co., 1966 (with Roy M. Mersky).
  • Law Books in Print Including Books in English Published Through 1969. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Glanville Publishers, 1971 (with Meira G. Pimsleur). [Also later editions.]
  • Erwin H. Pollack’s Fundamentals of Legal Research. 4th ed. Mineola, NY: Foundation Press, 1973 (with Roy M. Mersky).
  • The Supreme Court of the United States: Hearings and Reports of Successful and Unsuccessful Nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the Senate Judiciary Committee, 1916–1994. Buffalo, N.Y.: William S. Hein & Co., 1975–96 (with Roy M. Mersky).
  • Fundamentals of Legal Research. New York: Foundation Press, 1977 (with Roy M. Mersky). [Also later editions in 1981, 1985, 1987, 1990, 19945, 1998, 2002.]
  • “The Supreme Court in Current Literature,” Yearbook of the Supreme Court Society (1978): 113–20 (with Joan S. Howland).
  • “An Analysis of Academic Law Library Growth Since 1907,” Law Library Journal 75 (1982): 212–24 (with Roy M. Mersky and Irene Berkey).
  • “John Henry Merryman and Legal Research,” Stanford Law Review 39 (1987): 1093–95.
  • “Congressional Intent and Legislative Histories: Analysis or Psychoanalysis?” Law Library Journal 82 (1990): 297–301.
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  • “The Dean of Librarians [Miles O. Price],” in Frank G. Houdek, comp., “Meet My Mentor”: A Collection of Personal Reminiscences,” Law Library Journal 91 (1999): 177, 227–28.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

  • Robert C. Berring, “In Honor of J. Myron Jacobstein,” Stanford Law Review (1987): 1–2.
  • Gerald Gunther, “J. Myron Jacobstein: For Mike, with Fond Appreciation,” Stanford Law Review (1987): 3–6.
  • Roy M. Mersky, “Mike Jacobstein: Author, Scholar, Colleague, Friend,” Stanford Law Review (1987): 7–12.
  • Kathleen Price, “J. Myron Jacobstein: Mentor, Organization Man, and Friend,” Stanford Law Review (1987): 13–16.
  • Joan S. Holland, “J. Myron Jacobstein: More Than A Mentor,” in Frank G. Houdek, comp., “Meet My Mentor”: A Collection of Personal Reminiscences,” Law Library Journal 91 (1999): 177, 220–227.
  • Roy M. Mersky, “J. Myron Jacobstein—Law Librarian Extraordinaire, Scholar, Collaborator, and Dear Friend,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 625–28.
  • Bennett Jacobstein, “Eulogy for My Father,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 629–32.
  • Robert C. Berring, “Mike Jacobstein: Truly a Giant,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 633–36.
  • Joan S. Howland, “A Friendship Built on Lunch, Licorice, and Slivovitz,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 637–40.
  • “Remembrances of J. Myron Jacobstein,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 641–51.
  • J. Paul Lomio, “Bibliography of J. Myron Jacobstein, 1952–99,” Law Library Journal 97 (2005): 653–60.

Professional Positions

  • Cataloger, University of Chicago, 1950–52
  • Assistant Librarian and Instructor, University of Illinois, 1953–55
  • Assistant Librarian, Columbia University, 1955–59
  • Librarian and Professor, University of Colorado, 1959–63
  • Law Librarian and Professor of Law, Stanford University, 1963–87
  • Law Librarian Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Law, Stanford University, 1987–2005


  • B.A., Wayne State University, 1946
  • M.S.L.S., Columbia University, 1950
  • J.D., Chicago Kent University, 1952

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

  • Admitted to the practice of law, Illinois, 1953
  • Fellow, Council for Library Resources, 1972–73