Harry S. (Terry) Martin III, 1943 –

Hall of Fame Induction: 2012

Significant AALL Service

Terry Martin

  • Chair, Legislation and Legal Developments Committee, 1978–80
  • Member, Nominating Committee, 1980–81
  • Member, Special Committee on National Law Library, 1982–84
  • Member, Executive Board, 1982–85
  • Chair, Special Committee on Location of Headquarters, 1986–87
  • Member, Special Committee on the Renaissance of Law Librarianship, 1994–95

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Member, Beta Phi Mu, 1971–present
  • Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, 2012
  • AALL Hall of Fame, Inductee, 2012

Selected Publications by the Inductee

  • “Cumulative Index to Volumes 1–5,” Liberian Law Review 5, no. 2 (1969): 152–58.
  • Contributions to Ervin H. Pollack’s Fundamentals of Legal Research, J. Myron Jacobstein and Roy M. Mersky, eds. 4th ed. Mineola, NY: Foundation Press, 1973. [Appendix A: Citation Features and Abbrevations Used in Legal Writings, 461–94; Appendix B: Conversion Tables of Abbrevation, 495–552].
  • The First Memo: Selected Materials on Legal Research and Writing with Sample Memoranda of Law From a Variety of Sources. Austin: University of Texas Law School, 1974.
  • Sources of Law: Background Readings for Legal Bibliography and Research. Austin, Texas: Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, 1974.
  • Legal Aspects of Establishing a Regional Interstate Bibliographic Network in the Southwest. Dallas: Southwestern Library Association, 1974.
  • The Grand Jury: A Selected Bibliography with Exhibit Notes. Austin, TX: Tarlton Law Library, 1975.
  • “Questions and Answers,” Law Library Journal 68 (1975): 97–99 (with Lance E. Dickson).
  • “The Library Maze,” Student Lawyer 4, no. 1 (1975): 10–13.
  • “Coordination by Compact: A Legal Basis for Interstate Library Cooperation,” Library Trends 24 (1975): 191–213.
  • Law Club Handbook: An Introduction to Legal Analysis, Research, Writing and Oral Advocacy. 4th ed. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Law Center, 1978. [also 5th ed., 1979; 6th ed., 1980]
  • A Lawyers’ Library for the Nation’s Capital. Washington, D.C.: Law Librarian’s Society of Washington D.C., 1980.
  • “Automated Law Libraries: A Look Into the Future,” National Law Journal 3 (July 1981): 32–34.
  • “Collection Development.” In Law Librarianship: A Handbook, Heinz Peter Mueller and Patrick E. Kehoe, eds., 237–328. AALL Publication Series No. 19. Littleton, CO: Fred B. Rothman & Co., 1983 (with Rosalee Long and Robert Buckwalter).
  • “The Approach of the Electronic Law Library.” Pts. 1 and 2. LLNE News 8 (June 1987): 42–50; (Sept. 1987): 73–79.
  • Preservation at Harvard Law Library. Littleton, CO: Fred B. Rothman & Co., 1990 (with Willis C. Meredith).
  • “From Ownership to Access: Standards of Quality for the Law Library of Tomorrow,” Law Library Journal 82 (1990): 129–45.
  • “Wizards of Oz: Architects of the Virtual Library.” In Achieving Excellence—Proceedings of the 4th Asian Pacific Special and Law Librarians’ Conference with the 9th Biennial Health Librarians’ Conference. Supplement One. Canberra: Special Libraries Section and Health Libraries Section of ALIA and the Australian Law Librarians’ Group,1991.
  • “ILIN: A Proposal for an International Legal Information Network.” In International Access to Legislative Information—A Preliminary Investigation, Win-Shin Chiang and Kathleen Price, eds., 52–61. Sarasota, FL: UNIFO Publishers, Inc., 1992.
  • “A User-Centered View of Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan,” Library Administration & Management 8 (1994): 223–27 (with Curtis Kendrick).
  • “Can You Really Store a Library in Cyberspace? Renovating Langdell Hall & Other Tales,” Australian Law Librarian 3, no. 2/3 (1995): 57–64.
  • “Stephen Sewall: The First Academic Justice,” Massachusetts Legal History 7 (2001): 1–16.
  • “In the Best Interests of the Art,” Kunstrechtsspiegel 4 (2007): 168–71.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

  • “The First Librarian,” Harvard Law School Bulletin 33, no. 1 (Fall 1982): 26–37.
  • Margaret K. Maes, “The Highest Honor—Nancy Johnson and Terry Martin Are Honored with Marian Gould Gallagher Award,” AALL Spectrum 16 (June 2012): 26–27.
  • Harry S. (Terry) Martin Interview. In An Oral History of Law Librarianship, interviewed by Patrick E. Kehoe, July 14, 2014, videorecording. Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf, HeinOnline.

Professional Positions

  • Peace Corps Instructor of Law, Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia, 1969–70
  • Assistant Librarian, University of Texas School of Law, 1972–76
  • Lecturer, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas,1974–75
  • Law Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, 1976–81
  • Librarian and Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, 1981–2008
  • Professor, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany, 2006–08 (summers)
  • Visiting Professor of Law and Interim Director of Research, University of Texas School of Law, 2008–10
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Texas School of Law, 2010–present


  • A.B., Harvard College, 1965
  • J.D., University of Minnesota School of Law, 1968
  • M.L.S., University of Pittsburgh, 1971

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

  • Admitted to the practice of Law, Minnesota, 1968
  • Editor, Book Appraisals Column, Texas Bar Journal, 1972–76
  • District of Columbia Pre-White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, 1976
  • Member, Board of Directors, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, 1983–89
  • Member, Board of Directors, Human Rights Internet, 1986–90
  • WESTLAW Academic Advisory Board, 1990–92
  • Executive Committee, Section of Law and Computers, Association of American Law Schools, 1991–93
  • Chair, Research Libraries Executive Group, Shared Resources Program, 1994–95
  • President, New England Law Library Consortium, 1994–96
  • Chair, AALS Committee on Libraries and Technology, 2004