About Us

Evolving from the Legal Information Services to the Public Committee, LISP was officially established as an SIS at the 1988 AALL Annual Meeting in Atlanta. After the SIS was approved by the AALL Executive Board at its January 1988 meeting, 1987-1988 Committee Chair, Mary Beth Dunn saw to it that by-laws were written and approved, and that a slate of officers was presented to the membership approved, so that the SIS could begin work immediately.

The SIS continued the activities of the Committee which had been in existence since 1982. One long-standing project is the Clearinghouse which collects, organizes, and disseminates workshop and project materials prepared by AALL and the local chapters. The Clearinghouse is currently maintained at the Texas Tech Law School Library in Lubbock, Texas. Materials are loaned to interested chapters and individuals without charge. To assist in accessing the collection, an annotated bibliography of its holdings is available upon request.

While a committee, several programs were presented at annual meetings. The SIS has continued this practice. The first program sponsored by LISP as an SIS was at the 1990 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.


The mission of our special interest section, Legal Information Services to the Public Special Interest Section (LISP) is to improve access to legal information and to promote legal information services to the public.