Job Descriptions Database Committee


Julia Tedjeske, Chair
Wilhelmina Randtke
Brittany Persson
Margarita Perez Martinez
Patricia Sayre-McCoy
Kimball Boone
John Beatty


The Job Descriptions Database Committee is charged with  creating and maintaining a list of law library job descriptions.

The Job Descriptions Database Committee is chaired by a member of the LIT-SIS.

Led by its chair, the committee:

  • reviews elements and content of the previous LIT-SIS Jobs Descriptions Database to assess what information may be included in a new database
  • consults with AALL to determine possible options for hosting and maintaining archived and developing information
  • creates a plan to implement a Jobs Description Database

The chair:

  • reports briefly on the committee’s activities at the LIT-SIS business meeting
  • submits a written report to the LIT-SIS Chair detailing the committee’s activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year; sends a copy of the report to the Secretary/Treasurer
  • writes and/or updates documentation to pass on to the following Committee chair