LIT-SIS Task Force on Potential Rebranding

Prior to becoming the LIT-SIS, the Section was designated as the Automation and Scientific Development Special Interest Section.  At that time, James Milles, the incoming chair, wrote in the ASD Newsletter, “It is essential that the ASD SIS redefine and refocus itself. AALL members join special interest sections for many reasons; if we fail to offer members a reason to join the ASD SIS, we will be unable to continue to attract the most talented, technologically expert law librarians, or to draw on that talent and expertise to achieve the goals the SIS sets for itself.” In surveying members, the 2019 LIT-SIS Strategic Planning Committee discovered that the LIT-SIS may have reached a similar crossroads.


Amanda Watson, LIT-SIS Vice Chair and Task Force Chair
Cindy Bassett
Kenton Brice
Rachel Evans
Tawnya Plumb


The LIT-SIS Task Force on Potential Rebranding is charged to identify whether LIT-SIS members believe it is time for a refresh and refocus of the LIT-SIS mission and goals; and if so, to suggest possible rebranding as well as best practices for accomplishing such a process.