2010 Candidate Statements

2010 OBS-SIS Candidate for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Betty RoeskeTechnical Services Librarian, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Chicago, Illinois

When I first began my professional career, my title of Technical Services Librarian meant that I was charge of the mysterious department behind the scenes of the Library. I did cataloging that generated cards in that new system OCLC. Online was beginning to be a word in my vocabulary.

Since then the Technical in my title has come to mean that I implement or troubleshoot numerous electronic subscriptions. Many of our subscriptions are becoming either a daily email or alerts created by the user in various licensed services. Print publications are decreasing every year. Online is a major term in our workplace environment now.

Since online is the major part of my responsibilities now, I am constantly contacting my fellow OBS members with various questions, concerns, etc., in regards to best practices and/or recommended procedures. The OBS SIS needs to continue to maintain this expertise through the programming at the National Convention, webinars, etc. As Chair I would maintain this excellence.

Thank you for reading my statement as a candidate for the OBS Chair.