2013 Candidate Statements

2013 OBS-SIS Candidate for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Calmer Chattoo, Serials/Electronic Resources/Special Formats Cataloger, University of Miami School of Law Library

Challenges that require change and improvement dominate a large portion of my work ethics and OBS- SIS offers much in the areas of challenges and opportunities. However, the position of Vice Chair/Chair- Elect is not about me, but it’s about directing a group of diverse, vibrant colleagues to successfully embrace these challenges and actively contribute towards ensuring that OBS-SIS remains the leading player in the on-going development and promotion of online bibliographic services and automated library systems.

I am extremely humbled to have been considered by the OBS-SIS Nominating Committee to serve in the position of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. This privilege presents an exciting opportunity for me to give back to the organization which has contributed to my professional growth, my service as a dedicated, efficient, and dependable Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of OBS-SIS. My duties of integrating electronic resources and digital texts into the Library’s collection, and improve access to materials available, will enable me to make a significant contribution to the continuous efforts of OBS-SIS to address the ever changing issues and concerns of its members. I am absolutely committed to the need for OBS-SIS to deliver real benefit and value to its members and to enable a thriving group of interest in online bibliographic services and automated library systems to have a clear and strong influence in the wider bibliographic utilities.

There is much work to do in the coming years to ensure that the OBS-SIS section continues to thrive. Significant focus must be placed on the challenges and opportunities that leverage all successful approaches to building and sustaining successful communities such as OBS-SIS with all its entities. However, there must be no distraction from the core requirement, which is to enable our members to achieve real value from its involvement in the section. It would be an honor to serve as an officer of the OBS-SIS.

Karen Selden, Catalog Librarian, William A. Wise Law Library, University of Colorado Law School

Shortly after joining AALL in 1998, I found my SIS “home” in the relatively small and targeted OBS. The OBS-SIS is full of talented and knowledgeable librarians who generously and graciously mentored me as I grew from a novice law cataloger to a more seasoned veteran. Since that time, I have been privileged to serve OBS in a variety of ways, including: as a representative to the Technical Services Law Librarian’s Editorial Board; the coordinator of the Website of the Month project; a long-term member of the OBS Education Committee; the OBS Secretary/Treasurer (2009-2011); and the current Chair of the OCLC Committee. These projects and offices, as well as my experience as the CoALL (Colorado Association of Law Libraries) Chapter President (2007-2008), helped me to discover a talent for and interest in leadership, managing collaborative projects, and performing committee work. In addition, my OBS-centered experiences allow me to continuously learn about and address the many issues of concern to OBS members as well as closely observe and learn about the governance structures of both OBS and AALL. For these reasons, I am confident that I can fulfill the responsibilities of the OBS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect in a very effective manner. I am honored to be nominated to run for this position, and look forward to using my skills and talents to further serve and lead a group that has benefited me in so many ways throughout my career.

2013 OBS-SIS Candidate for Secretary/Treasurer

Elaine Bradshaw, Catalog/Computer Services Librarian, University of Oklahoma Law Library

The past few years have seen dramatic changes in law librarianship. The old divisions of Technical and Public services are much less meaningful now, as so many of us wear a number of different hats Economic conditions have also forced many of us to do more with less in order to serve the mission of our institutions. OBS plays an important role for its members as we strive to make the changes necessary to move into the future and provide the best possible service. I have always found OBS programming at AALL to be incredibly relevant and have also learned so much from my fellow members.

In my current position as Catalog/Computer Services Librarian at the University Of Oklahoma College Of Law, I have also seen first-hand many changes in the ways we provide online services—from the growth of discovery platforms and next-generation ILS’s to the increasing importance of e-books and digitization projects. Now, more than ever, it is vital that OBS continue providing outstanding and relevant programming and support for its members. I am honored to be considered for the position of Secretary/Treasurer, and look forward to the opportunity to serve OBS.

Melanie Cornell, Systems Librarian, University of New Hampshire School of Law Library

I am Systems Librarian at UNH School of Law Library, a small academic law library. I am fortunate to be enjoying a long, satisfying career in law librarianship, in Systems and Technical Services. I embrace the challenges and enjoy the successes associated with the ongoing changes characteristic of this career. I have met and worked with many wonderful librarian colleagues in various capacities through professional activities. I currently am nearing the end of my term as Treasurer of LLNE (Law Librarians of New England), and previously served as Treasurer of our local ANHLL (Association of New Hampshire Law Librarians), among various other roles in ANHLL, LLNE and additional regional and national professional library organizations. I would welcome the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned from similar prior experiences to serve members of OBS?SIS as Secretary/Treasurer.

2013 OBS-SIS Candidate for Member-at-Large

Merri Hartse, Access Services Librarian, Gonzaga University School of Law

The great joy of working in my current position is the opportunity to seamlessly move across the technical, public, and administrative worlds of law librarianship. In addition to providing legal research assistance and instruction, managing electronic subscriptions, and overseeing circulation and interlibrary loan functions, I configure our local catalog and discovery layer platform interfaces. I know, first-hand, the increased exposure of our metadata quality and standards these systems bring to our users, and how it affects our ability to deliver what is needed, now.

If elected, I pledge to be an informed and engaged board participant. I offer a background in integrated library systems management, a strong administrative skill set, and a reputation for outstanding collaborative team work. Throughout my diverse library career I have learned the importance of collaboratively addressing challenges. OBS-SIS is filled with members eager to work together to reconfigure, adapt, and evolve to meet the rapidly shifting legal publishing and library systems landscapes. I thank the Nominating Committee for this meaningful opportunity to serve the profession, and to represent you in working through our challenges together.

Ilona Tsutsui, Law Collections and Electronic Resource Librarian, University of Oregon Law Library

I have been active in my regional AALL chapter, WestPac, serving on the executive board and presenting on a variety of topics at conferences. I’d now like to increase my involvement in AALL at the national level and in an area that is vital to the successful future of libraries. I’ve learned so much from being a member of AALL and one of my best resources has been OBS-­SIS. Serving as Member-­at-­Large is the perfect way for me to give back to this great community.