2018 Candidate Statements

2018 OBS-SIS Candidate for Member at Large

Barbara Szalkowski, Core Operations Librarian, The Fred Parks Law Library, South Texas College of Law

I am humbled and honored to accept the nomination for a 2-year term as Member-at-Large on the OBS-SIS Executive Board. I have become active in OBS again in the last handful of years after a decade of devoting myself to other activities and organizations. It has been challenging and rewarding to get to know and work with such stellar information professionals.

When I wrote my candidate statement for OBS-SIS Secretary-Treasurer back in 2011, I pledged to commit myself to OBS-SIS if elected. I hope that members of OBS-SIS feel that I fulfilled that pledge with my past service, and I reaffirm my pledge, and additionally pledge to be a mentor to and cheerleader for other information professionals to join or become more active in OBS-SIS. We may be small in number, but as we have proved time and again, by our annual meeting programming and other projects and activities over the years, we are strong, creative, and committed to the success of our members and our profession.

The OBS-SIS Board recently charged a special committee with the task of examining the OBS-SIS description and mission, and formulating updated versions for consideration by the Board. This next year will be an exciting time for OBS-SIS as we work to articulate who we are and what our mission is going forward. I encourage all members of OBS-SIS to become involved in this process, and to invite colleagues to join us. If you have an idea, please voice it. If OBS-SIS can serve you better, tell us how. I look forward to working with you to make OBS-SIS even better.