Colleen Manning

Collen on joining as a student to utilize the career center

AALL member Colleen Manning

Colleen Manning is Director & Assistant Professor at The Fred Parks Law Library, South Texas College of Law.

Why did you join AALL?

I initially joined AALL as a student member.  I wanted to have access to placement services and to learn more about the organization.

Why do you stay a member?

I find the networking with other librarians is invaluable. Through AALL, I am able not only to make connections with other librarians in a similar situation, but also to discover more about other types of law libraries and librarians.

What one membership benefit is most valuable to you?

The vehicle to network with other law librarians is the most important benefit of AALL.  Although, I hope to take advantage of more AALL educational webinars now that they are underwritten by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.

What is your favorite memory associated with AALL?

I have so many wonderful memories associated with AALL, but after chatting with a few of my friends I have to share a memory from my first conference.  It was in Indianapolis.  Moody Publishers sponsored an open bar at Flashback Bar & Grille following the West Appreciation Party.  I went to get drinks for the librarians at my table.  The bartender (dressed as the Cowboy from the Village People) asked me “Who are you people?”  I proudly answered “we’re law librarians!”  He said “that figures” and walked away. Once I finally was able to get him to come back and talk to me again, I asked what he meant by “that figures.”  His response was simple, often true, and insightful in so many ways.  “You drink like lawyers, but you tip better.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to spend time with my family and friends playing games (including billiards and mini golf).  This last summer my family had a reunion at a water park.  It was a perfect location to play and be with family.

What book(s) are you currently reading?

I have been reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly.  I am supplementing it with Dorothy Cannell’s The Widow’s Club which is part of a series of light murder mysteries.  Finally, my brother gave me the entire set of Calvin and Hobbes books.  These are filtered into my reading as well.

What’s your favorite travel/vacation destination?

Blue Ridge, Georgia.  It is as pretty as the Smokey Mountains, but it less commercial.  We like to take the dog and stay in a cabin.  We take daily excursions and, of course, enjoy various restaurants.