Andrew Evans

Andrew on the Benefits of AALLNET

AALL member Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is the Head of Reference & Adjunct Professor of Law at Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas. Andrew was the recent recipient of the 2015 Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award from the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries for his work with underprivileged children in the Topeka area.

Why did you join AALL?

I joined AALL because it’s the premier organization for law librarians.

Why do you stay a member?

I stay a member because of all the networking and continuing education opportunities.

What one membership benefit is most valuable to you?

The membership benefit I find most valuable is access to AALLNET. I also enjoy the member search feature where I am able to contact fellow members from various areas and parts of the country. I can get advice on how to do something related to my job or advice about another job I’m interested in.

What is your favorite memory associated with AALL?

My favorite memories associated with AALL is the 2007 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. It was less than two years after Hurricane Katrina. Many members got involved with the rebuilding efforts. All of us were touched by the resiliency of the local people. Being there educated and/or reminded us about how unique New Orleans is.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I coach youth basketball and teach martial arts. Most of the kids on my basketball team are from the inner-city and are underprivileged. Some have no way to get to practice and games. Thus, I become coach and taxi driver on practice and game days. I also set up a charity, Related Through Team, in honor of my late brother Dan Evans to help fund scholarships for sports and provide sports equipment to youth in several states. A few of my friends help me out with this project. So far we have done something in about 12 states. Hopefully, we will eventually get to all 50.

What book(s) are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I tend to read one non-fiction and one fiction book at a time; however, I’m taking a couple of classes and have reduced my reading. A classic like Walden can be picked up and read at any spot.

What’s your favorite travel/vacation destination?

My favorite travel destinations are mostly in the U.S. This allows me to get more bang for the buck. I enjoy visiting Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Arizona and Florida. Those places have so much to offer in their outdoor recreation opportunities. I still need to visit New Orleans again. That’s near the top of my list of places to go next.