Vendor-Neutral Citation Rules Adopted by American Jurisdictions

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Click on a state above, or from the lists below to see the court's adoption of a medium and vendor neutral citation system. States which have adopted a vendor neutral rule are in blue.

States that have Adopted Vendor-Neutral Citation Rules as of December 2007

States that are unshaded have adopted a neutral citation provision.

Shaded states have not yet adopted a neutral citation provision but may have in place some interim provision, or a general provision that may impact citation to cases in the jurisdiction.

AZ Arizona Supreme Court Rule 124
CO   A/o 12/12/2007 – no link on state court Web sites or rule I can find that indicates provision here is still in use. At our request, Eileen Kiernan Johnson, staff attorney at the Colorado Supreme Court, stated that the order was never rescinded, but is not in use.
FL FL Supreme Court, No. 85,746, In re Fla. Rule of App. Proc. 9.800(n); Fla. Rule of App. Proc. 9.800.
Your search may start here, but will move off the courts' Web site to links they provide, as indicated below. – This rule calls for citation to the Southern Reporter, with no indication of any paragraph numbers or other deviations from traditional publisher-based citation. – these 2006 rules are posted by Lexis in cooperation the Florida Bar. A 2005 version is provided by the Florida Bar at and is reached via a link from the Florida Clerk of Courts. The Florida Courts apparently do not post the rules themselves. Updates may be searched at:
LA Rules of Supreme Court of Louisiana, Part G: General Admin. Rules. Sec. 8.
ME Order of Supreme Judicial Court, Docket No. SJC-216
MS Serial 121020 -- Supreme Court of Miss., No. 89-R-99027-SCT, In re: Miss. Rules of App. Proc.; and Miss. Rules of App. Proc. 28(e) (click on "Hand-Down List" link to see date of 12/19/1997)
MT MT Supreme Court, No. __, In re: Opinion Forms and Citation Standards of Supreme Ct. of Mont. and Adoption of Form of Public Domain and Neutral-Format Citation or at next level

No direct link; search at URL above.
NM NM Supreme Court, No. 98-8500, In re Adoption of Vendor Neutral Citations; and No. 00-8500, amending the foregoing. default.htm&vid=nm:all

No direct link available; search at URL above.
ND ND Supreme Court Order No. 970023 and ND Supreme Court Rule 11.6
OK OK Rules of Court Rule 1.11, 1.20; OK Rules of Court of Crim. App. Rule 3.5.
OH OH Supreme Court Rules for the Reporting of Opinions Revisions to the Manual of Citations July 12, 2002 (Ohio Reporter of Decisions)
SD SD Codified Laws, Chapter 15-26A, Rules of Civ. App. Proc. 15-26A-69.1, Citation of official opinions of the Supreme Court; search "citation opinions"
PA Notice to the Bar by Joseph J. Mittelman, Executive Administrator, PA Superior Court. We did not find a current posting of the citation rule. For examples of its application, see opinions issued January 1, 1999, and forwards, at
UT UT Supreme Court Standing Order No. 4 Start here and try the internal search function:
VT VT R of App. Proc. Rule 28.2, Citations; search court rules for "citation"

No direct link; rule will appear in frame of successful search
WI WI Supreme Court Rules (SCR) Ch. 80, "Publication of Opinions"
WY Order Adopting a Public Domain or Neutral-Format Citation, Oct. 2, 2000 and Order Amending Citation Format, Aug. 19, 2005

No direct link; search using "neutral format citation" all words

SEE ALSO: Wyoming State Library Database of Supreme Court Decisions Reference Guide (3d ed.), available at same site

Federal Courts that have Adopted Vendor-Neutral Citation Rules as of December 2007

NH US District Court Local Rule 5.3; click on "Rules."
NH US Bank-ruptcy Court Local Bankruptcy Rule 1050-1; click on "Rules and Forms."
SD US District Court [none] Standing order currently posted to AALL Web site appears not to be in effect; it was not found, and no similar rule was found.
US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit [none] Electronic citation announcement currently posted to AALL Web site appears not to be in effect; it was not found, and no similar rule was found.