Principle II, Standard B

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Principle II: A successful legal researcher gathers information through effective and efficient research strategies.


  1. An information-literate legal professional constructs and implements efficient, cost-effective search strategies.


    1. Articulates the precise legal issues that need to be researched, whether in the context of:
      1. traditional litigation practice,
      2. regulatory practice, or,
      3. transactional practice.
    2. Develops an appropriate research plan for each discrete issue.
    3. Knows how to appropriately use available resources to research and understands the relative advantages of different methods of finding information.
      1. Differentiates among various available online search platforms to employ those that are best suited to the task at hand, and
      2. Understands the operation of both free and subscription search platforms to skillfully craft appropriate search queries.
    4. Identifies the most cost-efficient sources, calculating cost of use against time on research.