CRIV Sheet Editorial Policy and Procedures

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Approved July 2004

The CRIV Sheet is the official newsletter of the Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV) of the American Association of Law Libraries. It is published three times a year (Nov., Feb., and May) and available online. Its primary aims are to provide general information on vendor/library relations and to foster a constructive dialogue between the legal publishing/legal information industry and the law library community.

To that end, The CRIV Sheet serves as a vehicle for the communication of information regarding the practices of the legal publishing industry and legal information vendors; summaries of complaints filed about such publishers and vendors; highlights of CRIV business; and general articles relating to the publication, sale, and purchase of legal information in all formats. Articles are accepted from both librarians and representatives of the legal information industry.

The CRIV Sheet combines a number of regular columns with a variety of feature articles. Each issue contains an "Editor's Corner" column and a "From the Chair" column. A "Letters to the Editors" column will appear whenever appropriate. A copy of the "Request for Assistance" form will appear in at least one issue per volume. Other regular columns may be solicited by the Editors and Chair from the members of the committee. The topics of these columns may follow that of past volumes ("Cost Saving Tips," "Questions and Answers," "Complaint Resolutions," "Vendor Profiles," etc.) or may focus on a new trend or technology. The Editor and Chair must approve new columns.

General Guidelines

  1. The Editor of The CRIV Sheet, assisted by the Assistant Editor, actively plans the content of each issue, solicits articles, edits submissions for content and style, and writes the "Editor's Corner" column.
  2. The Editor communicates regularly with the CRIV Chair about the content of upcoming issues, particularly as the deadline nears. The CRIV Chair reviews a copy of each issue before its final submission to the AALL Publications Manager.
  3. The AALL Publications Manager is responsible for the publication of The CRIV Sheet
    The copy deadline (articles due to the Editor) for The CRIV Sheet should be approximately ten days before the "final copy deadline" set by the AALL Publications Manager. The AALL Publications Manager will provide the Editor with an annual list of these dates. This gives the Editor and Assistant Editor time to compile and edit the issue before sending it on to the AALL Publications Manager. The issue must be submitted electronically. The AALL Publications Manager then reviews the issue and edits it to conform to AALL Style guidelines. Once ready, the AALL Publications Manager sends a copy back to the Editor, who distributes it to the Chair and Assistant Editor for final review. The Editor then notifies the AALL Publications Manager of any needed changes.
  4. Each year the Chair of the CRIV appoints a first-year member of the committee to be the new Assistant Editor. The Assistant Editor assists, and is trained by, the current Editor. At the end of the year, the Assistant Editor becomes the Editor of the next volume, at which time a new Assistant Editor is appointed.

Regular Columns

  1. The Editor's Corner. In this column, the Editor highlights one or more of the issues currently on the minds of law librarians, provides a summary of the contents of the issue, and lists the deadline for the next issue. This column may also discuss changes in Editorial policy, and it usually includes an invitation to prospective authors or contributors.
  2. From the Chair. This column provides the current Chair of CRIV with the opportunity to discuss matters of interest to both Committee members and the general readership. This often includes legal publishing issues brought to light by complaints filed with the Chair, who also serves as Chair of the Publishers Communication Subcommittee. The Chair also uses this column to announce future AALL programs and committee meetings.
  3. Letters to the Editor. The Editor invites letters on any subject of interest to The CRIV Sheet readership, including, but not limited to, letters from law librarians and information vendors. Any letter written to the Editor, unless otherwise stated by the author, may be published in The CRIV Sheet. The Editor reserves the right to choose which letters will be published. Letters may be edited for space reasons.
  4. Request for Assistance Form. At least once a year an issue of The CRIV Sheet will include a copy of this form to facilitate the submission of complaints by librarians. Unless a decision is made to alter the content of the form, it shall appear substantially as it appears on the CRIV Web site.

Feature Articles

The CRIV Sheet welcomes the submission of feature articles of up to 2,000 words in length regarding any aspect of law library/vendor relations, the legal publishing or legal information industry, the practices of specific legal publishers/vendors, law library acquisitions, or guides and directories to facilitate the work of acquisitions librarians. Articles should be written in a professional, civil, factual and noninflammatory style. All remarks or quotes used in any article must be clearly attributed to a specific individual.

The CRIV Sheet also encourages law librarians who teach in substantive areas of the law to submit articles that can provide acquisitions librarians with guidance in selecting materials in legal specialty areas.


As a vehicle for the free and untrammeled expression of opinion regarding the practices of the legal publishing industry, it is inappropriate for The CRIV Sheet to accept advertising.


Opinions expressed in The CRIV Sheet are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Committee on Relations with Information Vendors and/or the American Association of Law Libraries.