Claim (Subscription material)

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SAMPLE LETTER: CLAIM (Subscription material)

Any Vendor
Publishing Company
Attn: Customer Service
100 Main Street
Anywhere, USA

Re: Account # CLAIM: Missing Issue: Vol.___ Number_____ TITLE: _________

To: Subscription Dept.

We have not yet received Number____ of Volume____of (Title)_________. Our subscription for (time period, e.g, "calendar year 1999") was prepaid by our check #_______dated __________in the amount of $________. This check has been returned to us by your bank with a cancellation date of ____________.

Please ship as soon as possible, but do not duplicate our original order. If this issue is not yet available, please inform us of that fact. If this title is no longer being published (or if your company is no longer acting as subscription agent for this title), please inform us of that fact as well. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,