Invoices/Statements with Insufficient Information

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SAMPLE LETTER: Invoices/ Statements with Insufficient Information

Any Vendor
Publishing Company
Attn: Customer Service
100 Main Street
Anywhere, USA

Re: Account # Invoice #

To: Accounts Receivable

Please find enclosed an invoice (or statement) which does not contain sufficient information for us to process a payment. In order to be able to properly pay an invoice, we require the following information:

  1. Complete title of the item(s).
  2. Complete description of the item, such as release number, edition, etc.
  3. A breakdown of the charges for each title in a statement.

The above listed information is available in your records and systems and your failure to provide it slows down the payment process. As soon as you provide the information, we will make payment in a timely manner.

Unclear invoices are addressed in the American Association of Law Libraries Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers Principle 2.1 which states, "all information about products, services, prices and transactions provided by publishers to customers should be clear, accurate, and easy to find." Unclear invoices are specifically addressed in a "Practice to Avoid," included there. The Guide, approved by the AALL Executive Board in 2002, is recognized by law librarians and publishers across the country as the standard model of appropriate business practices. A copy of the Guide is available at:  Our request for this information is consistent with these Principles.

The following are examples of what we consider to be insufficient information on an invoice or statement: (Circle appropriate item(s) for problem at hand.)

  1. Statements with invoice numbers, but no titles or release numbers
  2. Inaccurate titles
    • Abbreviations that are too short
    • Switched word order
    • Abbreviations that do not start with the first primary word (example: "Consent" for "Informed Consent")
  3. Descriptions of items that are indistinguishable from other, similar items on the statement or other invoices. In other words, the same title with no release numbers or invoice numbers.
  4. Inconsistent descriptions. Titles for the same item that change from invoice to invoice or invoice to statement.

We look forward to receiving the information we need as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,