Vendor Liaison Update - November 2011

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Following on last month's description of AALL's post-Colloquium activities, here is a request to all law librarians from the Task Force on Library Procurement Process Improvements.

Task Force on Library Procurement Process Improvements Plans

We are attempting to gather as much feedback from our colleagues as possible to inform the work of this task force, which has been appointed by AALL President Darcy Kirk to address the library procurement process. This task force is one outcome of the Vendor Colloquium Action Plan.

We will work closely with the Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers Revisions Task Force, and we will seek the input of law librarians working in all types of libraries. Part of our work will include a revision of the AALLPrinciples for Licensing Electronic Resources. The principles were originally drafted in 1997, then re-issued as revised in 2004. They address the following areas of the licensing process:

  • Licensing Process
  • License Content
  • Authorized Use
  • Access
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Archiving
  • Statistics and Privacy
  • Termination and Renewal
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Warranties and Quality of Services

The principles also include a glossary of terms that are important to the process.

At this time the task force is seeking initial comments. We invite you to review the 2004 principles and provide any feedback you may have by November 18, 2011. We want to make sure we understand the broad spectrum of practices and concerns that need to be considered in the revised Principles. After gathering your feedback we will compile a survey instrument to be distributed in early December, which will allow us to gather more targeted data.

Please send your feedback to either of the task force co-chairs: Katherine Lowry ( or Tracy Thompson-Przylucki ( Thank you for taking the time to help us create an instrument that will be valuable to the entire profession.