Vendor Liaison Update - January 2012

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Happy New Year!
I've never been big on New Year's resolutions because they are usually too ambiguous to keep me motivated. I do work well with setting goals and defining priorities, however, so I try to begin a new year with a short list of personal and professional goals. I'd like to share this summary of vendor liaison goals for the new year.

Goals for 2012

  1. Develop a vendor relations policy (see my comments below).
  2. Support the work of the task forces and activities initiated by the Vendor Colloquium Action Plan (see my October 2011 Vendor Liaison Update for details).
  3. Identify and establish relationships with new legal information vendors.
  4. Support the work of the Price Index for Legal Publications Committee  and the new editor for the Price Index.
  5. Provide services to chapters through speaking opportunities and other assistance.
  6. Provide services to special interest sections that have specific vendor relations issues.

Vendor Relations Policy
Developing a vendor relations policy has been one of my top priorities from the beginning because it will provide the basis for how we address issues as an Association. Now that my regular work with committees and task forces has become more routine, I have time to work on articulating the issues that will form a framework for such a policy.
I envision this to be analogous to AALL's Government Relations Policy  in that it will describe AALL's role in consumer advocacy and the expertise of its members on issues related to library relations with information vendors. It will address the areas of interest and concern that are important to law libraries and on which the Association might take a position. Because the Executive Board has primary responsibility for approval of Association policy, the vendor relations policy will be drafted for discussion and adoption by the board.
Although I do not have a timeline for completing work on the vendor relations policy, I do hope to have initial discussions with the Executive Board at its spring 2012 meeting in late March. At this time, I would like to invite AALL members to help me formulate the list of issues for discussion. What vendor relations issues are important to your library? What are the issues on which the Association should take a position? In what ways should the Association support its members' consumer advocacy efforts?
Please email me no later than February 15 with your thoughts on these issues. I hope to hear from many of you in the coming weeks.