Vendor Liaison Update - December 2012

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I'm pleased to announce that the Executive Board recently approved a proposed Third Edition of the Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers. This publication provides guidelines for legal publishers doing business with librarians and other consumers of legal information. The preparation of an updated edition of the guide was the highest priority in the action plan that emerged from the Vendor Colloquium held in February 2011.

The new edition of the guide was the work of a task force chaired by AALL past president Kay Todd. Other members of the task force included Michael Bernier, Kathy Coon, Jean Mattimoe, and Adeen Postar. The task force solicited member feedback on an early draft of the guide and worked diligently to review and consider all comments before preparing the final version for the Executive Board's consideration.

In addition to maintaining the online version of the guide, AALL will publish and distribute a print version in early 2013. Moving forward, I will continue to encourage all publishers of legal information to comply with the principles contained in the guide. I also encourage law librarians to regard the guide as a minimum basis for fair business practices by legal publishers and to refer to the principles in their interactions with publishers.

As 2012 draws to a close, I extend my wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season.