Vendor Liaison Update - March 2013

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I’m pleased to announce that two important projects in the vendor relations program are nearing completion and will be presented to the Executive Board for approval at the Spring Board Meeting.

Vendor Relations Policy

As I have written previously, I believe our vendor relations work will be more productive and successful if we take measured steps and have policies in place to guide our advocacy. One of my earliest goals, therefore, was to develop a vendor relations policy to provide the basis for how AALL, as a professional association, addresses issues related to legal publishing and to identify the issues that are most important for advocacy with legal publishers.

Following a year of collecting ideas and comments from AALL membership, I have submitted the final draft of the Vendor Relations Policy for the board’s consideration. In addition to outlining issues for advocacy with legal publishers, the draft policy cites a number of policies and resources that are already in place and that provide a larger framework for our advocacy work.

I’d like to thank those members who helped shape this policy by taking the time to send me their concerns or to discuss these issues with me. I welcome further conversation about these topics.

Procurement Task Force

The Task Force on Library Procurement Process Improvements was appointed in September 2011 and charged with reviewing and updating the 2004 Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources and developing other tools and best practices to address licensing and procurement issues. 

The task force has revised, reformatted, and renamed the licensing principles. The revised document is titled The Code of Best Practices for Licensing Electronic Resources. The task force has also created a collection of complementary materials, appended to the code, which are intended for use as a toolkit for members involved in procurement. The task force has submitted these materials and its report and recommendation for consideration by the Executive Board at the upcoming April meeting.