Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee

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TYPE: Process Committee

PURPOSE: To facilitate local activities for AALL members at the Annual Meeting.

CHARGE: The Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee shall provide members and staff with local and regional tourist information, publicize local opportunities, and organize location-specific events, such as library tours, family, social, and dining groups. The committee shall serve as an information resource for headquarters staff on local aspects of meeting planning, which may include excursions, entertainment, meal events, marketing the exhibit hall to local and regional businesses, and identifying local dignitaries. The committee shall also coordinate on-site activities such as registration, hospitality, and volunteer assignments, and solicit funds from local sources if needed to support local plans.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Attend Annual Meeting they are planning. Some members need to be residents of the area where the Annual Meeting is held.

TENURE: The committee will serve from its appointment until the close of its Annual Meeting.

SIZE: The committee shall generally consist of a chair or co-chairs, 12 members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison and staff liaison. Normally the vice president/president-elect who appoints the committee serves as the liaison and continues in that capacity as president.


Goal I: Knowledge
Goal II: Community
Goal III: Leadership

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The committee works with the president, Annual Meeting Program Committee, headquarters, contract companies for the Annual Meeting, and local organizations.