Calendar for Committee Chairs

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This calendar is intended to serve as a reminder of activities required by specific dates. The chair is responsible for seeing that the committee meets all deadlines. While the AALL Executive Staff and/or your Board liaison will provide a "tickler" service reminding the chair of important dates, the chair must remain aware of major dates which will have an impact on the work of the committee.

Request for Annual Reports sent to committee chairs.

Request for fall Executive Board Meeting agenda items sent to committee chairs.

Association Fiscal Year begins October 1.
Annual Meeting program proposals due.
Fall Executive Board meeting agenda items due.

Budget request memo sent to committee chairs.
Preliminary Annual Meeting scheduling form sent to committee chairs.

Budget requests due.
Deadline for the return of Annual Meeting scheduling forms.

Request for spring Executive Board meeting agenda items sent to committee chairs.

Call for Committee Volunteers.  Prepare to provide recommendations/comments in succeeding committee chair and vice chair.
Finance and Budget Committee meets to set budget priorities and guidelines for the next fiscal year, and to consider all budget requests.
Spring Board meeting agenda items due.
Request for committee action plans sent to committee chairs.

Appointments Committee meets.
Committee action plans due. 

Vice-president/President-elect completes board liaison assignments.
Committee rosters on AALLNET are updated with the new committee members for the next Association year.  Committee chairs and vice chairs are notified when updated rosters are available online.
Annual Meeting activities area information sent to committee chairs.
Hot Topic and Poster Session proposals due.

Request for summer Executive Board meeting agenda items is sent to committee chairs.
Coffee Talk topic suggestions due.

Agenda items for the summer Executive Board Meeting due.
Deadline for return of activities area form.

Executive Board approves budget for next fiscal year at its July board meeting.

Annual reports due.
Committee chairs compile and transfer previous chair's files to archives.