AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award Jury

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TYPE: Award Jury

CHARGE: The jury will select one or more recipients every year for the best article for the AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award, or no recipient if it deems none of the nominees sufficiently qualified, and will submit the winning recipient's name(s) to the Awards Committee.

TIME COMMITMENT: Jury members will work during the months of February and March to review all AALL Spectrum articles from the previous year. The award recipient(s) must be selected by April 1.

TENURE: Membership on the jury will be for one year.

SIZE: The jury will consist of a chair, six members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison.

Goal I: Knowledge
Goal II: Community
Goal III: Leadership

AALL is committed to diversity and inclusion.  Minority candidates are encouraged to apply, and receipt of one award does not preclude the candidates from receiving a second award.