Nominations Committee Schedule

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  • Orientation meeting at AALL Annual Meeting


  • Determine work plan
  • Develop timeline
  • Review Bylaws and update Committee information on AALLNET


  • Publicize the work of the committee to AALL membership and invite AALL members to self-nominate or nominate an AALL colleague as a potential candidate
  • Update leadership database of names to be used to identify candidates to contact


  • Hold meeting to analyze and rank potential candidates
  • Develop slate of candidates and alternates
  • Committee chair contacts candidates, determines their willingness to serve and asks them to review the Nominations and Elections information on AALLNET
  • Finalize slate
  • Send formal letters of nomination to candidates
  • Secure written letters of acceptance from candidates
  • Finalize slate for submission to AALL President
  • Publicize slate of candidates to AALL membership
  • Plan Meet the Candidates event at Annual Meeting