Official Board Actions Between Board Meetings

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Updated: November 1999

VII. Official Board Actions Between Board Meetings

  1. The AALL Bylaws sanction votes by the Board outside of scheduled Board Meetings. This is covered in Article VIII, Executive Board, Section 5. Method of Conducting Business. According to this section:

    "The executive board may conduct business by correspondence. A vote taken by mail, telephone, or other electronic means shall become the act of the executive board upon the approval of a majority of the members of the executive board."

  2. In practice, formal votes have rarely been necessary. Rather, discussion has taken place on the Board listserv primarily to give the President a sense of the Board.

  3. A policy to handle situations when a formal vote is needed was adopted at the February 27/28, 1998 Executive Board Meeting [Minutes, p. 2509; Executive Board Book, Tab 20; revised, July 10, 1998 (Minutes, p. 2551, Executive Board Book, Tab 21]:

    1. Any proposed action should be clearly stated in written form and distributed in electronic or paper format by the AALL staff upon request by the President. A proposed action will be voted upon via conference call set up for the Executive board by AALL staff for this purpose during which discussion of the issue takes place. This will be at least one week after the proposed action is distributed, unless, at the discretion of the President, there is an emergency situation that requires a shorter deadline.

    2. As per the Bylaws, the motion will be deemed an act of the Executive Board upon approval by a majority of the members of the Executive Board (six).

    3. The Secretary will read any such motions and the results of the vote taken into the official record at the next AALL Executive Board meeting. No further discussion or action is needed, since such items have already been approved."